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    Chinese mobile games industry to hit $60bn value by 2025, more than European and North American markets combined

    The countries of the Asia Pacific region, which account for the biggest share of mobile phone users globally, have seen their mobile gaming markets explode in recent years, especially after the COVID-19 hit. As the largest gaming market in the region and globally, China is the best example of this impressive growth.

    According to data presented by, the Chinese mobile games industry is expected to generate $41.5bn in revenue this year, 50% more compared to pre-COVID-19 figures. The entire market will continue growing in the following years and hit over $60bn value by 2025, more than European and North American mobile games markets combined.

    As the fastest-growing segment of the gaming industry, mobile games are expected to bring more than $110bn in revenue this year. Around 40% of that value will come from China, home to nearly one-third of all mobile gamers globally.

    According to Statista Digital Market Outlook, the Chinese mobile games market has witnessed the most impressive growth in recent years. In 2017, the entire industry was valued at $19.2bn. Since then, mobile games revenues in the country have doubled, reaching $41.5bn in 2021.

    In comparison, Europe saw its mobile gaming revenues grow by 42% to $12.5bn in this period. North America followed with a 35% increase and $22.7bn in revenue in 2021.

    However, the following years are set to witness even more significant growth. By 2025, Chinese mobile gamers are forecast to increase their annual spending by $20bn. The revenues in the North American market are expected to grow by $10.3bn in this period, followed by a $5.5bn increase in the European market.

    Mobile games have completely changed the gaming industry, bringing constant entertainment through cloud-based games and apps that work offline. The conveniences of on-the-go entertainment will continue drawing hundreds of millions of users, especially in the leading markets like China.

    According to Statista data, the Chinese mobile games industry had around 450 million users two years ago. The rising mobile phone penetration and the COVID-19 have added 113 million new users, with the total number reaching over 563 million in 2021. In the next four years, nearly half of the Chinese are expected to play mobile games, with the number of mobile gamers jumping over 662 million.

    The North American mobile games market is expected to hit around 252 million users by then, 39 million more than in 2021. Europe follows with 233 million mobile gamers by 2025, up from 201 million this year.

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