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Chrome for Android was the most popular web browser in 2019


According to PreciseSecurity.com research, the leading web browser globally as of December 2019 is Google’s Chrome for Android, which hit a 33% market share in the last year. 

Asia is the leading region in Google Chrome use

Throughout the years, Google has firmly placed itself as the dominant player on the web. Besides managing the world’s most used search engine and web browser, the company also owns the most popular email service Gmail, and Google Maps as the most used GPS mapping system globally.

The recent surveys show that Chrome 78.0 was the second most popular browser in 2019, with 23.71 % market share, while Safari iPhone ranked third. Compared by the region, Asia took first place on the global Google Chrome usage list. Chrome for Android, as the most used browser in the area, marked a 44 % market share during the last year. With a 19.79 % share of the market, Chrome 78.0 ranked second, while Safari iPhone was the third most used browser in the Asian market in 2019.

Google Chrome for Android and Chrome 78.0 hold more than 50 % of the European market, as well. Only the North American region ended the year with a slightly different ranking. The statistics show that the most popular North American web browser in 2019 was Chrome 78.0, which marked a 22.67 % market share. The second most used web browser was Safari iPhone, which reported a 1.14 % higher market share than Chrome for Android.

Firefox and Internet Explorer marked a huge decrease in market share 

The recent surveys show that Internet Explorer and Firefox have experienced massively reduced market share in previous years. One of the reasons for that is the expanding influence of Google Chrome. The other one is increased competition entering the global browser market. The statistics show that Firefox’s market share dropped down to 3.15 % at the end of 2019. The Internet Explorer ended the year with a 1.47 % share in the global web-browser market.


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