Monday, May 27, 2024

    CINE-BOOKS offers premium original content for WorldTelemedia community on special terms

    The demand for various types of online entertainment has significantly increased around the world – and that includes books. However, the content providers can rarely offer something new and original to their audiences.

    Indeed, there is one more issue. Along with the increased demand, many people have more free time since they began to spend more time at home. They are fed up with TV series, playing games, listening to music, reading ebooks etc. In general, they managed to do everything that they usually don’t have enough time to do.

    However, human nature is arranged in a way that no matter how qualitative the content is, if it is consumed a lot, then it becomes boring. People are desirous of something new.

    This factor together with the increased demand contributes to good business opportunities. The main question is where to find not only original but also unusual entertainment content?

    The CINE-BOOKS company gives such an opportunity as it is the only company in the world that film books while saving their full original content.

    How many times have you said “the book is better” after watching a cinematic adaptation of your favorite story? Rarely does a film capture the atmosphere and emotions of its literary original. This is not the filmmakers’ fault. This is the consequence of the movie format. The screenplay of the movie usually makes the book’s content simpler. The CINE-BOOKS create screen versions of books that always contain the full original text while adding even more!

    The company has filmed 10 cine-books so far based on works of the world’s best authors such as – Edgar Allan Poe, Mark Twain, H.G. Wells, Franz Kafka, J.London, O.Henry, H.P.Lovecraft. Most of those products have been filmed in a format of Cinematic Books, that allows the viewer not only to read those books with a great number of illustrations but also to watch them as a movie! Here you can watch a trailer of the cine-book based on a short story “The Man Who Could Work Miracles!“ by H.G. Wells.

    The company is seeking affiliate partners and distribution partners who are willing to take an opportunity to offer their audiences unique premium content.

    Moreover, because of the specially held negotiations the members of the WorldTelemedia community the Cine-Books company is willing to offer 10% better conditions than usual.


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