Thursday, April 18, 2024
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    Cine-Books seeking new partnerships for monetising innovative media format

    Cine-Books Entertainment is an innovative media format that brings together the world of books and cinematic entertainment – and it is looking to find ways to monetise its content.

    This high-end technology offers a platform in which you cannot just read stories through e-books, but also listen to the same stories through their audio book versions. And the best part is that you can also watch the same stories in their cinematic or movie version.

    This latest media format by Cine-Books Entertainment allows a user to transition from one format to another just at any time. This is a user friendly format that is specially created to function on different kinds of mobile devises. Its features are quite similar to most social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram in which all you have to do is to swipe the illustrations to read books and watch or listen to stories.

    By doing so, the distribution partners of Cine-Books can promote their innovative content to users in a format that they are already using and are aware of.

    The distribution partners of Cine-Books will not just get to sell an innovative media format, but also offer premium quality content. The company has already begin developing content for this new media format, starting off with using original content from some of the best world writers.

    Currently, a number of works originally created by world famous writers, such as: Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Edgar Allan Poe, H.G. Wells, O Henry, Franz Kafka, H.P. Lovecraft, Jack London, etc. have already been screened. Next in line will be the modern authors, whose works will be filmed by the company for the users.

    Technically Cine-Books support Android, iOS and Amazon Kindle mobile devices, can be streamed to SmartTV and can also be viewed in Ultra HD 4k resolution on your PC. The web-based viewer is optimized for mobile devices and also can be integrated in distribution partner’s web sites and apps.

    The strategy of cooperation with other market players is used not only in production, but in distribution as well. The company is seeking VAS companies, affiliate marketing and distribution partners who are interested in adding a new type content to the already existing types of content (such as games, movies, music).

    To support its partners, the company is ready to integrate with new carrier billing solutions. The company is also open for collaborations to offer original and customised content that is exclusively targeted towards a specific audience.

    Keeping in view the growth prospective of the cine-books format in the near future, the company is committed towards introducing many such new trends in the book publishing and media industries that can change the future of both books and web-series. The company is now seeking strategic partnerships, so as to turn this vision into a reality in the best way possible.

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