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    Cloud API messaging platforms account for 80% of total premium A2P and P2A messaging demand, says FMI

    Advancements in mobile authenticator services and SMS campaigns provide a strong impetus to the use of premium application-to-person and person-to-application (A2P and P2A) messaging solutions at a global level.

    A study –  Premium A2P and P2A Messaging Market by Future Market Insights – suggests that the market for premium A2P and P2A messaging solutions will surpass revenues worth US$ 75 Bn in 2020 and would observe an attractive 5% CAGR through 2029.

    SMS is gaining traction as a key medium for dissemination of content and information, access to services, security, monitoring, and verification. SMS is expected to continue dominating messaging technologies in the foreseeable future, attributable to its omnipresent, reliable, and stable nature. A variety of innovative apps that use A2P SMS as a medium for value-added services (VAS) communications are emerging, providing feature phone users with an app-like interface and a more vibrant range of services.

    Ascending need for secure and reliable messaging in an A2P context is attributable to the necessity to protect large amounts of sensitive data sent across SMS. Solution providers in the premium A2P and P2A messaging market must focus on ensuring that their services are reliable and least prone to data leakages to gain an edge over competitors.

    According to the study, premium A2P SMS is the most reliable bridge between a unique number (offline) and the digital world. The billing relationship is also a crucial cog in this bridge, as it allows online services to be more easily monetized through carrier billing.

    Premium A2P and P2A messaging also remains the most ubiquitous platform, enabling marketers to reach the widest audience, which is anticipated to boost growth of the premium A2P and P2A messaging market during the forecast period.

    The majority of banks use SMS for creating awareness regarding their service and to confirm transactions through two factor authentication. A2P SMS is already a vital tool in the mobile financial market.

    Cloud API messaging platforms will continue to hold the lion’s share of around 80% in global premium A2P and P2A messaging market during the forecast period. Among all applications, authentication services will register a significant CAGR in the global premium A2P and P2A messaging market.

    Demand for premium A2P and P2A messaging is rising from almost every end-use industry. Online interactions are expected to significantly increase the demand for premium A2P and P2A messaging solutions. Social networking services like Twitter and Facebook are expected to rely on both SMS and IP channels.

    Although IP channels are used extensively for social messaging, SMS is anticipated to play a much greater role in social messaging services. SMS’s interoperable, omnipresent, and secure nature makes it the perfect platform to deliver notifications of social messages and transactional communication activities.

    Google has a range of services such as Gmail SMS, Google Voice SMS, Calendar SMS, and Bloggers, powered by premium A2P and P2A messaging solutions.

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