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Comarch helps LG U+ to launch the first 5G network in the world


Comarch contributed to a milestone project for the telecommunications industry by completely revamping the approach to network resources and service monitoring for LG U+ in its 5G network.

Comarch’s solution breaks down IT architecture silos and enables efficient fulfillment of modern 5G-based services, increasing network management effectiveness and cutting associated costs through automation.

This network launch for LG U+ is the first step toward comprehensive migration from an in-house solution to a modern and comprehensive telco ecosystem. In preparation for the 5G network deployment, Comarch ensured future efficient fulfillment of 5G services, automated network management, support for network virtualization and new tools to create logical connectivity layers.

Comarch’s Intelligent Assurance & Analytics module gathers 5G network data. LG U+ will continue implementing the solution in its mobile and fixed networks to develop the heart of its 5G network, service and customer operations.

“Reaching this milestone is a great success for the whole project team, including Comarch, LG CNS and LG U+ employees,” says Paweł Workiewicz, CEO of Comarch Korea division. “Despite the demanding schedule, we built a highly efficient project environment that enables LG U+ to successfully deliver business value.”


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