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    Combining light entertainment and gambling: the new face of the gaming industry goes live

    The UK gambling industry is set for a major brand makeover with the launch of Win Cash Live, a new blend of light entertainment and interactive gambling, via mobile, TV and online.

    Targeted at occasional gamblers, aged 30-55 with a female skew, Win Cash Live is a world-first interactive gambling service available on TV (games can be played via a premium rate telephone line), mobile and online — at It first aired on Friday, 8th May on Sky Channel 192/Freesat Channel 402 and will now do so daily from 22:00-01:00, before expanding to other television networks at a later date.

    Win Cash Live massively simplifies the gambling process and boasts ‘no hidden bits, no confusion’. With its presenter-led format, it’s a million miles away from the experience of a typical bookmaker. It replaces the often confusing odds, stakes and lingo of traditional gambling with ‘Plays’, ‘Players’, ‘Games’, ‘Picks’ and ‘Prizes’.

    In order to be as relevant to as many people as possible, its entertaining games are rooted in popular entertainment, news and sports events. The TV presenter will engage with the viewer to deliver warm and witty opportunities to Win Cash Live, such as:
    • ”Guess who will win Celebrity Big Brother / The X-Factor / Strictly Come Dancing – £15 prize if you win!”
    • ”Do you think Andy Murray will win Wimbledon? – £10 prize if you win!”
    • “Which artist will be Number 1 this week? £5 if you win!
    • “Who will win the Eurovision this year? £20 if you guess right!”
    • “Choose a number and if it comes up when we roll the dice, win £5!”

    After games have played out and the results are in, Win Cash Live will show the name (or player name) of winning players to its community of players on a ‘Winners Board’, along with the town they live in. To get a feel for the format of this world-first gambling experience, a pilot episode, featuring Co-Founder and lead presenter Andy Hodgson, is available online.

    Win Cash Live, founded by serial entrepreneur Ashley Faull in 2014, has raised £8m to fund its initial launch. Faull sold UK broadcaster Sit-up Ltd to Virgin Media for £194m in 2004 and been involved in more than 20 TV channel launches, including The Discovery Channel Europe, Bravo and UK Gold.

    Alongside Faull in the Win Cash Live management team are a number of senior TV and gambling industry professionals, many of whom introduced the ‘world’s first auction channel’ to the UK market in 2000 — New Win Cash live Co-Founders include Andy Hodgson, Clive Bradshaw and Richard Clark, previously at Ladbrokes.

    Ashley Faull, Founder, Win Cash Live, explains: “Win Cash Live is a new form of interactive gambling that lets people have fun and a flutter around popular news, sports and showbiz events. Our goal is to delight our players with the easiest and most entertaining gambling experience to date. We’re hoping to attract the kind of people who do the National Lottery, play bingo online or have a go on the Grand National. These people like to feel the thrill with a little gamble, but also the reassurance that they’re on their sofas and doing it in a fun environment – not the mysterious setting of the high street bookmaker or a confusing website. Our management team has an extensive experience across the TV and gambling industries and, with Win Cash Live, we believe we have the platform to revolutionise the gambling industry in its current form.”

    Co-Founder and Marketing Director, Andy Hodgson, adds: “The variety of video-led, easy and entertaining games, delivered right into people’s living rooms will ensure we stand out and find a new audience. We pride ourselves on ‘no hidden bits, no confusion’, so even the newest player will understand how to play. With Win Cash Live, we genuinely believe the UK gambling industry is set for a major brand makeover.”

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