Tuesday, June 25, 2024

    Consumer trends and technology – the aimm Power50  guide your strategic future

    As consumers continuously evolve the way they communicate, engage and consume digital media services and traditional TV and radio, it is vital to stay in touch and reach the areas they are going instead of trying to catch up.

    That is the modus operandi for this year’s aimm Power50 conference taking place on 8 May in Kensington London.

    Consumer insights provided by Deloitte will indicate the direction of travel and look at the increasing popularity of live content. Are UK people different to their Asian cousins when it comes to making purchases with their phones?

    A combination of education, regulation and growing familiarity means that in-phone purchasing usage is 40 times higher than that of the UK. Bango will provide the detail behind the comparison and how mobile payments have been adopted into everyday life.

    Emerging rapidly and affecting consumers are public Crypto currencies and closed environment digital currencies. How will these affect engagement in the future, are they usable or just hype, and will governments clamp down on them despite the smart money both investing and using the underlying distributed ledger to manage goods, money and contracts?

    Hear from Reality Clash, Applied Blockchain, Fladgate LLP and others on how this unique area is developing, and if digital currencies can offer new business models for mobile network operators, broadcasters and digital merchants.

    GDPR is top of the agenda of any company that relies on repeat customers. The days of blasting out marketing to large mailing lists are gone. Privacy Matters will discuss how consumer engagement could be affected by GDPR and how marketing opportunities will be changing after May.

    Then we look at why most companies are moving to a mobile engagement strategy to maintain dialogue with their supporters. Hear from our Conference sponsor, mGage on how they are evolving their platforms to offer a solution to their charity clients encouraging them to stay connected through mobile engagement.

    Open Identity Exchange will be looking at how Digital Identity is revolutionising the way that consumers interact online, from controlling their online data to mobile communications and how it can protect payments.

    Open Banking is set to lead the way to better services, greater innovation and a more personalised consumer service. This will in turn offer opportunities for new entrants and companies to join the market ready to offer further products and services, giving the consumer greater access and a smoother way of managing their money.

    Onedox will discuss what this will look like for the consumer and how the landscape for service management will evolve going forwards. And finally, Rich Communication Services (RCS) hailed as a WhatsApp with connectivity to businesses and supported by mobile networks, is facilitating human and automated conversations, delivering video along the same channel as messages, and enabling payments and credits; while allowing peer to peer and conversation groups.

    It is set to revolutionise consumer communications and is already under test in two UK networks and being rolled out as a native client in Android handsets. If you are not planning to use it soon, you are planning on marginalisation.

    Learn from OpenMarket and ITV on how rich and engaging the consumer experience is with the ITV trial, and we look at the UK forecasts for RCS in Business with Mobile Squared.

    Our supporter and facilitator Steve Ricketts from ATAO will then wrap up the day, summarise the key themes and encourage lively debate on the insights provided. And of course, no aimm event can close without the traditional networking and drinks afterwards.

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