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Content and billing to engage & convert anywhere: getting into what’s on at the World Telemedia Conference tracks


World Telemedia is for any business that wants to engage and commercialise “connected consumers” – as they use their telephones, smartphones and other “online” devices – to respond and interact with premium content and service propositions across an ever expanding range of media distribution channels and payment platforms.

The event has become an established trading and information exchange for domestic and international providers in a value chain where the currency is typically based on minutes, messages and traffic.

This year we return to Marbella and the issues of the day around payments, international telecoms and engagement are augemented this time by detailed looks at marketing and advertising through programmatic ad services and affiliates.

With much changing in the world of telemedia over the past 12 months, the industry finds itself at something of crossroads – and this year’s event is where these issues will be talked out and future mapped out.

Over the next few pages we will give you an overview of the key things taking place at the show and hearing from key sponsors, speakers and delegates as to what they will be putting up for discussion.

As ever, all things here are up to date at the time of going to print, but for the latest line up please see the website www.wtevent.co.uk

So what’s on at conference this year?

Tuesday 18th October 2016

17:30 Keynote: The Growing Importance of VAS to MNOs

John Strand ~ CEO, Strand Consult

Christian Göetz ~ Team Leader, BDO Global Telecoms

(Chaired by Rory Maguire ~MD, AIME)

Wednesday 19th October 2016

10:30 The Expanding World of Payments

Alastair Walton ~ Business Development Director, ACI Worldwide

Tim Green ~ Editor, Mobile Money Revolution

Matthew Winters ~ CEO, Veoo

(Chaired by Nick Lane ~ Mobile Insight Analyst, MobileSquared

12:00 Carrier Billing To Engage & Convert

Nick Lane ~ Mobile Insight Analyst, MobileSquared
Rory Maguire ~ MD, AIME
Kevin Dawson ~ Head of Payments, Oxygen 8

(Chaired by Tim Green ~Editor, Mobile Money Revolution)

14:45 Digital Advertising & Marketing of VAS

Rory Mudie ~ MD, Redbox Mobile PLC

Mostafa Kamel ~ CEO, Crazy 4 Media Online

(Chaired by Paul Skeldon ~ Editor, Telemedia Magazine)

16:00 Connecting Merchants To Customers

  • Acquiring “safe traffic” at the right price
  • Affiliate traffic & social media
  • Can Ad Networks manage affiliates?
  • The balance of power for mpayment traffic

Thursday 20th October 2016

11:45 Creating Value From OTT Messaging – WhatsApp & Facebook

Rory Mudie ~ MD, Redbox Mobile PLC

Rob Malcom ~ Global Board Member, MEF

Christian Göetz ~ Team Leader, BDO Global Telecoms


14:30 Telemedia FOR The Media

Clive Goodman ~ Director, Goodman Associates

  • ATL direct response trends – UK & Europe
  • Content publishers & paywalls
  • Broadcast opportunities / applications
  • Using customer data to enhance services

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