Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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    If content is king the DCB could be queen, World Telemedia delegates told

    While there is a wealth of ‘legacy content’ – read: wallpaper and ringtones – out there in developing markets that direct carrier billing can tap into, what the technology really needs to crack is how to add value to services.

    So believes Stefan Kostic, CEO of Centilli, speaking at World Telemedia. “To move DCB forwards we need to use it to really add value. 39% of people who do use it say they see no value in it – we have to turn this around,” he told delegates. “Content is king and DCB should be its queen.”

    So where can value around DCB be created? According to Kostic, companies need to look outside the box. Insurance, e-sports, IoT applications, smart cities applications such as tolls and parking, as well as ticketing and transport are all ripe for DCB to come and add value and this is where the industry needs to concentrate.

    But the window of opportunity is closing. Other payment tools are coming along and they are all well placed to replace or usurp DCB before it really gets going.

    “DCB offers consumers, MNOs and vendors benefits and these need to be shouted about,” says Kostic. Only then will people start to use DCB to add value.

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