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What can Telemedia do for Content Providers, Owners and Aggregators?

Content providers are key to satisfying the ever increasing demands of mobile users, who now consider smartphones to be the primary channel for entertainment services. Telemedia sits at the heart of this sector by offering technology to support marketing, delivery and interactivity combined with commercial strategies and payment solutions for monetisation. This creates a “premium” for the user which translates into successful promotions, higher engagement and increased billing.

What can Telemedia do for content owners?

  • Worldwide View: Learn about the latest developments in content markets worldwide
  • Convergence: Find out how to deliver content propositions across multiple media channels
  • Get Paid: Discover how to drive incremental revenues and open new markets with a wide variety mobile payment solutions
  • Stay Up to Date: Understand the latest technology can help your business create a billable “premium” service
  • Monetise: Identify sales and marketing opportunities in a multi media/multi platform environment
  • Identify Opportunities: Exploit new marketing channels and techniques to reach a wider audience 

Maximize your value in the chain which generates huge volumes of minutes, messages and traffic - worldwide and discover where the next opportunity lies in partnership with Media & Marketing Groups, SPs, Aggregators, Network Operators, Convergent Technology and Billing Specialists.

Glossary of Terms

What is a content provider?

By its very nature content rich media and brands have their own inherent value. By working in partnership with telemedia providers – commercial paid for content models are becoming more common.

Why do I need a content providers?

Revenue streams generated from the promotion of value added services are essential to media owners as “paid for” advertising and subscription revenues are in general decline. Whether it’s by creating a paywall to access unique content, “mobilising” media brands or by enabling interactive broadcast formats such as Who Wants to Be Millionaire?, Comic Relief, X Factor etc. it’s the ability to provide instant, response driven micro payment solutions that is crucial to the success of this “type” of media-driven proposition.

How can a content Provider help a Media company?

Here we see a variation on “value”, not strictly in transactional terms, but in respect of gathering important customer data. By developing a detailed consumer profile set against a simple telephone number / caller ID; merchants, brands and content owners seek to extend the lifespan of their customer acquisitions.

What Telemedia can do for Your Business