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Convenience of mobile is key driver in the rise of mobile commerce


People are now increasingly comfortable using mobile devices to shop, with nearly three quarters (69%) now browsing or buying on their devices – an increase of 10% since 2013.

The driver for this is the convenience of mobile, as one in five (19%) expect more than 50% of their overall spend to be via a mobile device. This is reinforced by 16% of consumers intending to use their mobile for smaller priced items (10% of their overall spend).

When citing further reasons for shopping via mobile, key drivers are the variety of products available (18%), the experience of discovery (16%) and the speed of delivery (14%).

So finds the latest quarterly report on consumer mobile purchasing trends from BuzzCity, a global mobile advertising network.

While the move from in-store to m-commerce is evident from this latest research, there are still barriers to adoption. One in five (19%) claim that they are unlikely to shop on websites that are not user-friendly on a mobile device, as well as almost one-fifth (19%) expressing concerns around the security of payments.

Dr. KF Lai, CEO and Founder of BuzzCity explains: “Mobile devices are intrinsic to how we live our lives – the first thing we reach for when we wake up and the last thing we look at before closing our eyes to sleep. This research shows how much more comfortable and trusting consumers have become in shopping via mobile and as a result, one in five (19%) users expect over 50% of their overall purchases to be aided by mobile devices.”

Lai adds: “Key to continuing the appetite for mobile commerce is the user experience. Brands need to perfect fast and secure payment platforms and personalised customer relationship management in order to benefit from the increasing number of shoppers who use the mobile channel. Retailers and service providers also need to look at how the in-store experience can be mirrored on mobile; ensuring convenience, reliability and excellent customer service throughout a transaction”.

The latest BuzzCity report is part of an ongoing study on consumer shopping habits and includes data taken from 20,000 mobile surfers across 17 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, and The Americas. The survey was conducted between 19 November and 27 December 2015.

The report can be downloaded in full at reports.buzzcity.com


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