Saturday, July 20, 2024
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    ‘Conversational everything’ blueprint launched to help brands meet growing consumer contact and chat app preferences

    Global cloud communications platform Infobip has launched a new Conversational Everything Blueprint playbook to enable brands to embed conversational experiences for customer communications. Infobip has developed the guide to help businesses stay ahead of the growing trend towards more personalised, end-to-end customer journeys from promotion to purchase and support through popular chat apps.

    As customer journeys move from the physical to the digital, businesses and brands need to be able to meet their customers where they are. Infobip’s data demonstrates customers want to connect with brands on the channels they already use such as chat apps. So, to meet changing preferences, brands must now deliver rich, convenient, and personalized conversational experiences and customer journeys on the channels their customers use and prefer.

    Infobip’s Conversational Everything Blueprint explains how brands can create such customer journeys using a conversational one-stop shop such as Infobip, which simplifies the process for brands. By developing meaningful conversations across the customer journey, businesses can:

    • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty: through personalized and always-on customer support
    • Increase conversion rates: by 2.5 times compared to traditional eCommerce platforms
    • Create additional revenues streams: by adopting new digital channels and services
    • Reduce customer service costs: with automated support through chatbots and live agents
    • Improve cart abandonment: with automated events triggered and timely communication.

    The blueprint also explains how organizations can embed conversational experiences across all customer touchpoints from marketing to sales and support. By combining marketing and promotional campaigns, businesses can engage customers in real-time using two-way conversations on their favourite channels.

    Businesses can also boost sales by shaping hyper-personalized end-to-end customer journeys on a single communications channel, where customers go from search to purchase in minutes. What’s more, conversational experiences can help brands provide always-on, automated support over customers’ preferred channels, with seamless agent takeover for a more personal experience.

    Tonko Šarac, Director of Go To Market at Infobip, explains: “The conversational future is now, and customers are looking for quick, easy, and meaningful interactions with the brands of their interest on their familiar channel. So, brands need to start interacting with their customers, whether for promotion, sales, or support on popular chat apps that became main stream. That’s why we have developed the blueprint to help organizations keep up the pace with rapidly evolving trends and ever-growing customer expectations. This means that conversational experiences between customers and brands must be richer and more personal across all phases of customer journeys. The consequences of this approach are better customer loyalty and higher sales.”

    “This fast-moving transition may sound very demanding and resource intensive, especially for brands  that are relying on traditional communication channels, but with Infobip’s Conversational Experince suite, this is not the case. Leveraging on it class-leading experience in the communication industry Infobip has simplified this transition for the brands to the maximum, detecting and providing already pre-worked and templated conversational flows, of the shelf, which can be activated in a matter of days,” concludes Tonko.

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