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Covid-19 has accelerated the digitalisation of communications in the banking industry – and it needs CPaaS


The banking industry must ensure it is leveraging every digital platform available to continue to meet customer demands in an increasingly online world. So says Kaleyra CEO Dario Calogero this week, emphasising the growing role of CPaaS and its underlying technologies across the sector.

Speaking at Future Digital Finance 2022, Calogero highlighted how rapid digitalisation across the world has impacted customer preferences. 76% of CPaaS customers now expect an omnichannel experience, while 59% of customers expect on-demand, anywhere, and anytime customer service, according to the World Retail Banking Report by Capgemini.

Calogero encouraged businesses to explore how they can leverage cross-channel automation to ensure banking customers experience the best service – even with accompanying challenges.

“Customers are increasingly reliant on technology for everyday tasks, especially following the pandemic,” says Calogero. “While digitalizing communications in the banking industry comes with a host of security challenges, businesses need to address this demand and utilize next-generation communication solutions that are secure and personable.”

Calogero went on to outline the importance for customers to feel they have a relationship with their bank, as well as the many ways businesses can connect with their customers based on preference and availability.

“By utilising a unified communications platform with a variety of services,” he said, “businesses can have effective and efficient communications with customers across the globe. This includes standard services such as SMS and instant messaging, through to real-time videos for instant support, and premium SMS for payment and revenue streams.

“The future of digital finance relies heavily on customer experience and the need for easy, 24/7 interaction with customers,” continued Calogero. “Businesses and staff must adapt to the increasing digitalization of the industry. It is extremely important for businesses to allow their customers to access information and customer services any day, any time.”

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