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CPA network launches click to call and click to SMS platform to monetise affiliates


Click-to-Call offers are set to be the next big thing for affiliate marketing and offer a huge potential for revenue generation and CPA network Trafficcompany.com has now launched 1-Click-flow offers in more than 100 countries worldwide.

As the performance of Click to Call offers change rapidly during the day, it’s important to stay updated in a quick and easy way. This is why businesses are now being offered access to the top-performing countries and carriers list on the Opportunities page at Trafficcompany.com.

Because new opportunities change rapidly for Click to Call campaigns, the Traffic Company.com has set up a Telegram group to share daily updates about the latest improvements for these fantastic offers.

Besides the Click to Call campaigns, Trafficcompany.com is expanding these features, launching Click to SMS in more than 100 countries worldwide and its first tests are showing great results, says the company.

In the summer, the CPA also launched some helpful Traffic Company tutorials on its YouTube channel. In the first tutorial Traffic Company colleague Tjeerd walks you through the Traffic Company dashboard. The second is about setting up the Postback URL, as this is one of the most important steps to measure and track your conversions.

In the meantime, the company is working hard to produce more tutorials and is focussing on all important steps involved in the process of setting up and optimising campaigns and traffic.


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