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CSPs must seize the enterprise opportunity by addressing gaps in delivery and perfecting customer experience, study shows


Communications service providers (CSPs) can unlock growth opportunities in the enterprise market by addressing gaps in delivery and ensuring levels of customer service don’t decline after the initial sale and setup phase, according to new research.

The Every Move Counts: Enterprise Lessons and Growth Opportunities report published by GlobalData on behalf of Amdocs, found that CSPs outperform other ecosystem players when it comes to understanding and meeting enterprises’ unique communications needs, with nearly half (43%) of respondents satisfied with their CSP in this regard.CSPs are also the least likely to be dropped from an enterprise’s partner ecosystem.

The findings also indicate that the trust and value placed in CSPs by enterprises can be leveraged to increase revenues outside core communications services, for example through the provision of digital/e-commerce services and network-based value-added services such as cybersecurity and managed IoT.

The research, which gathered responses from decision makers at enterprises of different sizes across North America, Asia-Pacific and Europe, identified five distinct stages of the enterprise customer service lifecycle: Service exploration; Contracting; Provisioning and implementation; Service performance; and Ongoing maintenance and support

Provisioning and implementation – including service orchestration, user/system setup and integration with existing infrastructure –was found to be the most crucial, with 35% of enterprises saying this stage had the greatest impact on their buying experience. Enterprises, however, attached importance to all five stages, underlining the need to take a holistic approach to service delivery and provide an excellent end-to-end enterprise customer experience.

Demonstrating the scale of the challenge, 38% of enterprises said CSPs had failed to deliver on their contracted service at least three times over the past year.

“Our research makes clear that, too often, CSPs aren’t meeting enterprises’ expectations around customer experience,” comments Gil Rosen, Chief Marketing Officer at Amdocs.  “Such shortcomings could prove costly, with 59% of enterprises stating that incorrect service delivery would prompt them to switch provider, making this the main reason for churn followed by late service delivery (52%). Executing across all five stages of the enterprise customer lifecycle and ensuring an exceptional end-to-end journey will open the door to growth, enabling CSPs to drive new revenues, grow market share and build lasting relationships with enterprise customers.”

“To compete against the myriad competitors offering IT and telecommunications solutions to enterprise customers, CSPs must offer a compelling portfolio, but also deliver an excellent experience at every stage of the customer journey,” said Andy Hicks, Senior Principal Analyst at GlobalData. “They should invest according to customer requirements and pain points, and develop the ability to reliably and proactively address enterprise needs.”

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