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Dedicated Connected TV agency launched to help brands maximise new digital opportunities


Media16, a dedicated Connected TV agency, has been launched to help exploit smart TV advertising opportunities as the digital market rolls on.

Founded by ex-Emap Advertising and DCM exec’ Joe Evea and Dominic Matterson, founder of Media15, a renowned London-based independent advertising sales agency, Media 16 launches with 15 publishers, including a number of CTV channels broadcast on Freeview, Samsung and Phillips, as well as Little Dot Studios’ Timeline and History Hit, Law and Crime, and You Look TV – the UK’s first independent ad-based video on demand (AVOD) service. It is also currently in advanced discussions with many other channels and brands.

The agency’s work covers a wide variety of diverse and niche publishers which are highly regarded in their sectors. These are categorised in four genres: Sport & Fitness, Music, Factual and Lifestyle.

With the Smart TV firmly positioned as the centrepiece to the modern connected home and streaming becoming increasingly popular, Media 16 provides advertisers with unique and highly targeted broadcast opportunities across OTT, specialising in CTV and VOD.

Embracing the same ethos that has proven central to Media 15’s success in the traditional broadcast sales industry, Media 16 is a digital agency representing a huge range of quality and niche publishers within the CTV space. The UK-based team can guide brands through the transition into the digital space and report back accurately thanks to its sophisticated targeting capabilities.

Joe Evea, Director of Media 16, commented: “At Media 16 we are offering our clients a tailored approach to targeting audiences in the CTV sector. Our experience lies in helping our specialist publisher partners generate advertising revenue from brands looking to reach a specific and very passionate audience. We believe there is a huge opportunity in the world of Digital, VOD and CTV to leverage our extensive experience and provide a more personal approach in what is fast becoming a commoditised environment. CTV encompasses the streaming or digital viewing of television on Smart TVs or OTT devices. Advertising in the CTV space can assist brands to be more targeted, more accountable and to reach niche audiences, whilst benefitting from the existing advantages of traditional TV advertising.”

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