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    Digital marketing trends 2018

    Whether it’s a large scale industry or a small company, the owner and the employees share the same dream: they want their business to be successful or being precise they want more customers. And to achieve this goal, their business needs a grand marketing strategy. Iffat Tafseer explains

    Consequently, we can see a clear picture of how digital marketing has invaded all the other conventional way and why it is opted as it helps businesses in gaining popularity dramatically.

    Trends in the digital marketing, changes with time and needs like everything else. As the world is growing, we cannot only stick to the old-fashioned directions and if anyone does they will remain to the ground and the world around them would move to the moon.

    As 2018 headway, the digital marketing panorama that mainly constitute of SEO, Social media, PPC, Content marketing and few more things has taken a spectacular shift; the trends which are heading up in 2018 are sure to take the marketing on next level.

    What worked for you earlier might not work for you now, and if it does; it will only let you stand in the queue but will never help you reach the top. So let’s discover what are those digital marketing strategies every business should adopt in 2018.

    Artificial Intelligence-Based Chatbots

    AI is that crucial card that is played by many businesses this year. Artificial intelligence is the smart beast that can predict the behavior of consumers perhaps it’s the best thing to happen to market yet.

    Chatbots aka artificial intelligence is the computer program that conducts a conversation with a human using the auditory or textual method. Where it is difficult for you to provide a real human assistance 24/7 to your customers, This AI-based technology can assist your customers in real-time, day and night.

    Some incredible brands like Apple have smartly used Chatbots and gained enormous popularity among the customers; it is hard to find someone oblivious to the word Siri. Similarly, Uber uses Chatbots technology to communicate with the passengers and make the car hiring easy for them. See you can now book a car using facebook messenger even.

    Social Media Marketing

    Marketers spend 114% more on social advertising, with mobile a key driver

    We all can perceive the high use of social media websites and platforms for product and brand promotion by both big and small brands.

    People fritter their maximum time using different social media site like facebook, twitter, Instagram, and others. Therefore, the brands being wise use that particular medium to show and offer them their product and services.

    Social media is a best yet the freeway of digital marketing. We see different Instagram videos, Facebook videos and the very first Snapchat videos revealing the benefits and charms of different brands and believe it or not the videos are the most compelling way to attract customers.

    Like an e-commerce site PennySaviourwhich uses only the social media marketing platforms to promote its discounts and offers and getting a good response from there.


    Emergence Smetiquette

    It’s an undeniable truth that influencer marketing is considered as fastest-growing online customer acquisition channel; it can help the brand gain more customers and spreading more brand awareness than organic search, paid search and online marketing.

    In 2018, we see more and more brands reach out to influencers and use their product, say or write about it on their social media so that people are impressed and buy it thinking of it as a celebrity product.

    An influencer can be anyone a celebrity, a sportsman, a comedian or a blogger having a grand number of followers and a good reputation among the audience. We have seen big brands like Nike, Addidas, channel and more sending their new arrivals to celebrities and their reviews through social media.

    Voice Search

    Another digital marketing trend of 2018 is the increase in the use of voice search. The journey so far has been a difficult one. However, statistics confirm a rise in the use of voice search assistance like Cortana, Alexa, OK Google and more.

    So to cope up with the latest trend, you have to make changes to your content like using long sentences or question-based sentences or the keywords that are most frequently used by the customers.


    2018 has come out to be a great fortune in the way of digital marketing. To keep your brand ahead of your competitors you need to update your strategies but it’s not necessary to leave the approach you are already using. The new and the old tactics will together make a great difference for you.


    Iffat Tafseer is a computer system engineer. She works as a content writer at Perks logic for a site PennySaviour. She has many of her blogs published on divergent topics including Tech, lifestyle and traveling

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