Thursday, May 23, 2024

    DOCOMO Digital sets its sights on the sharing economy by launching the first free transaction network

    Leading alternative payments enabler, DOCOMO Digital has launched NOMO, a billing & payments platform designed for sharing economy platforms who want to optimise pay-outs for their vendors.

    From safeguarding services and online KYC features to loyalty programs for vendors, NOMO provides everything marketplaces need to scale internationally by giving them access to the first free wallet-to-wallet payment network ever developed for gig and sharing economies.

    Independently developed, NOMO promises to revolutionise the way sharing economy platforms interact with users selling goods and services on their platform. By connecting with any traditional online payment solution, NOMO provides maximum agility to handle international pay-outs, multi-currency wallet management and best-of-class financial reconciliations reports.

    Hiroyuki Sato, CEO of DOCOMO Digital, says: “We believe that the selling experience is as important as the buying one which is why we created the first product specifically designed around the unique needs of sharing economy vendors and suppliers. The ability for vendors to spend their wallet’s balance without having to pay a fee should unlock new opportunities to this ecosystem by creating a close loop effect between participants. In brief, we designed NOMO as a particle accelerator for sharing economy stakeholders”

    Operating on a subscription based REST API, NOMO simply integrates to marketplaces transaction system, allowing them to automate pay-outs to their vendor’s wallets. Users can keep track of their funds and transactions using the NOMO mobile app, spend their balance, as well as receive tailored offers from partnering marketplaces.

    NOMO also embed safeguarding services and the most sophisticated online KYC / AML features in order to help marketplaces to comply with the evolving European regulation framework.

    Sato continues: “Technology can no longer work for just one group of people, it needs to benefit end users and businesses to be a success. We have designed NOMO to fulfil the needs of all sharing economy stakeholders, making the rapidly growing trend a fairer and safer place to transact.”

    Headquartered in London, DOCOMO Digital works to provide inclusive alternative payment methods globally to grow merchants revenues on mobile and online.

    The company supports stakeholders by building and operating mcommerce and digital marketing  platforms , as well as offering mobile commerce consultancy and financial services.

    Building on its mobile-first mcommerce leadership in Japan, DOCOMO Digital encourages financial inclusion for consumers, corporations and governments worldwide, aiming to connect 5 billion mobile users by 2020.

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