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    Driving online gaming and entertainment through pandemic and beyond

    With the spike of online activity pointing towards entertainment, a lot of new start-ups have started sprouting. Taking advantage of the varied interests and desires of the consumers, there is an in-flux of gaming sites, apps and even simple online campaigns (in the form of online challenges, quizzes, and more).

    Online Gaming and Entertainment has a huge market to cover. Competition is tight especially since even medium and large businesses have seen the potential of games and entertainment.

    Online Casinos

    Gambling has been a booming industry which has seen more growth through online availability. Cashless transactions have pushed this to the forefront of convenience while carefully factoring-in the guidelines for gambling, customer support, refunds and of course marketing.

    These online casinos provide customers with the simple convenience of gaming, the potential of winning and the ease of access regardless of location. An online casino pushes towards success using three major offers:

    1. Variety – The multiple games offered as well as the many ways (and chances) of winning
    2. Reliability – The capability to accept payment methods, proper support and limited down-time
    3. Payout – The capability to immediately inform, effectively follow-up, properly verify and reliably deliver winnings

    Mobile Games

    Although online casinos may be considered as a mobile game, the target here are the ones who do not offer payouts and are less gambling-oriented. Mobile games are those various offers via websites and apps that allow access to various other forms of entertainment often controlled by user interactions.

    Many mobile game services work on a subscription, token or one-time purchase scheme. Quite a few are free to play but offer in-game purchases for upgrades, time and contests/competitions. Having multiple businesses offering both new games, clones and classics actually creates even tighter competition between companies.

    It actually boils down to user experience. Not simply in-game but more on support externally.

    The Backend of Gaming and Entertainment

    The main demand for gaming and entertainment businesses fall in the back-end spectrum of the business; Payment systems, billing support, refund management, customer support services, FAQs, marketing and content creation.

    A good game is only as good as how it has been prepared, marketed, written about and maintained.

    1. Having the financial side of it taken cared of can be as simple as getting approval through compliance websites during application for better chances of getting a merchant account.
    2. Design and content services are needed for banners, logos and articles for marketing.
    3. Social Media Management for better visibility and wider reach.
    4. Support services for complaints, walk-throughs, advice, refunds and other customer concerns.
    5. Customer Extras like chat services, SMS notifications, Email updates.



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