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EDITORIAL From books to bikes – How DCB is slowly becoming ubiquitous


There can’t be two things more disparate than books and bikes, but they are now united in the use of DCB to access both – and showing just how entrenched carrier billing is becoming in the new economy.

DIMOCO is working with German communal bike hire company nextbike, to allow users of the bikes to quickly pay for – and unlock – a bike and get where they are going.

Meanwhile, DOCOMO Digital has partnered with Storytel, one of the world’s leading audiobook and e-book streaming services, to get the live with Telenor Bulgaria, one of the largest mobile networks in the country – again using DCB to pay for access to a wealth of literature.

Both services are leveraging the natural easy-of-use of DCB to unlock the use of two very different services, both showing just how versatile a tool carrier billing is.

What both services have in common is that they are both things that need to be paid for immediately – they are both, in their own way, accountable to instant gratification. Back in the ‘old days’ carrier billing was the epitome of instant gratification payments. It is what powered premium rate phone calls, chat lines, tarot, bird-watching and even, many, many years ago, Dial-a-disc.

It is the same speed and easy-of-use that has seen it, finally, taken up and used by truly mainstream – and very 21st Century services. Brands are starting to take DCB seriously and implement it in many new and exciting ways.

In fact, many of these new brands and services don’t have any history with DCB and have no preconceptions. They just see a tool that is easy to implement, easy for customers to use and simple to operate.

While it is easy to get trapped in trying to explain why brands should use DCB and not worry about the cost being slightly higher than cards and other payment tools, it seems that the simple idea that, for basic digital and quasi-digital services, where there is a need to rent or subscribe or to make a one-off micropayment, DCB is just the right payment tool. Everyone has a phone and a bill or credit on it, then everyone can pay.

Both these services are relatively new to market, but I am sure they are the first of many. I look forward to checking back in six month’s time to see just what numbers they are doing and to celebrate still further how it is all down to carrier billing.


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