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    EDITORIAL Get ready for World Telemedia Marbella 2019

    It is nearly upon us: World Telemedia Marbella 2019 is less than two weeks away and promises to be one of the best yet.

    The areas that this industry operates in – namely at the nexus of billing, content and marketing – is increasingly now a mainstream business. Content is snackable and mobile, users want ideas pushed at them as to what they want to watch and, while happy to pay for it, they want quick and easy ways to pay.

    And this is exactly what telemedia gives them. And this is also why the World Telemedia event is the must-attend show for all those that are involved in any part of this content-marketing-delivery-payment value chain. Be it adult content right through to car parking, this is the event that will keep you informed and up to date for the rigours of the year ahead.



    So what does the show have in store?

    We start off with a look at how carrier billing is becoming mainstream for content services in a much more mainstream way than ever before. This is helping to drive up-take of this payment tool. No, it won’t ever be the only way to pay, but it is an important part of the mix.

    Similarly, OTT streaming services are doing the same for carrier billing. They are offering content providers in sport, TV and more to offer a way to snack without a subscription and, as has been done in the mobile gaming sector, as a means to getting those one-offs to subscribe down the line.

    This is particularly true for Netflix, which is starting to look seriously at this along with many sports content owners.

    Print media owners are also getting in on the act, using mobile to deliver content, that’s a given, but also to give access to ‘tasters’ and to use carrier billing to subscribe off the page.

    Marketing and affiliates

    Another key area of interest is affiliate marketing. Many have written it off, but as we reported back in June, it is still an attractive way to deliver eyeballs and an attractive market for content owners. This editorial outlines why it is so attractive, while elsewhere on the site you will find even more about how the likes of William Hill and other brands still see it as a vital part of the marketing mix.

    Rich Communications Services (RCS) – the next generation of text messaging – is set to take off in 2020. We touched on it at Marbella in 2018, but expect to see a whole lot more around its dynamic content and in-built billing this year. Here, in this editorial, you’ll see why it is one of the most important themes.

    Lastly, we take a look at why the show is so great overall. As anyone who has been can attest, it is the place to do business if you are connected with VAS, billing, traffic and mobile. Here we explain why.

    International telemedia opportunities

    For those looking for the international opportunities – and who isn’t? – World Telemedia is designed to bring together the brightest and best from all markets around the world. From the Country Update workshops – brought to you by Empello – that outline all you need to know from each of the main markets – including latest status reports  and regulatory updates – right through to meeting up with the companies that can open the door in any number of regions for your business through their stands, Meet Market and the many networking events at the show.

    There will also be operators, regulators and more from these regions on tap to have a glass of wine or a five course lunch with to get the inside track on where you are looking to do business.

    Security and fraud and telemedia

    A new area for telemedia – inaugurated last year – is that of tackling fraud and cybersecurity issues. Telemedia is a digital business and where there is digital there are cyber criminals and fraudsters. So we put you in front of the experts who can help you with your security issues.

    From fake traffic through to cyberthreats, bugs and viruses, you can find the right person to help you out.

    What are you waiting for?

    So what are you waiting for? Take a look at at this video and see why those that went in 2018 loved it so much. And why you need to be there – and then book your place here to enjoy in these themes and more. See you in Marbella.


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