Monday, April 15, 2024

    EDITORIAL Holiday viewing: the best videos from 2019 so far…

    As many in the industry – including me – are on holiday and the news cycle has slowed to a trickle, we thought for those of you either still at your desks, or bored on the beach, might like to get a quick fix of the value added services and mobile billing industry and get a bit of a recap on some of the highlights of the first half of the year.

    Not only can you immerse yourselves in classic content from Mobile World Congress and Affiliate World Europe, you can also hear some of the experts in the industry talk about some of the most prescient issues that we face.

    With the second half of the year, post holiday, poised to take us to Global Carrier Billing Summit and, of course, World Telemedia Marbella, these videos serve as a neat way to get back up to speed with what has happened, as well as getting the insight track on all the important issues before they happen.

    We kick off, in reverse order, with a look back at last year’s World Telemedia show wrap up, where speakers including from Google, EE and more look ahead to what is coming up this year – a nice appetite whetter for sure, while you enjoy a holiday.

    Looking back to Mobile World Congress in February, we hear from DIMOCO and Seriously Fresh Media on what trends lie ahead for carrier billing and premium content services in the coming 12-24. Both shed some interesting light on how these two areas are going to be key not only to the wider telemedia market, but also to each other.

    OTT services have been a power part of the growth of carrier billing services and are promising to be where carrier billing can garner some mainstream traction. Here we hear from aimm, Grabyo and Fonix about how that is going to play out. Nice precursor to some of the services we are going to hear about in Marbella and what we are going to see in the market in 2020.

    We then hear from DIMOCO and William Hill about just how powerful affiliate marketing can be in bringing consumers to content and how carrier billing has a key role to play here too.

    We wrap up with a look at dating. With VAS very much back on the agenda for content providers, marketers and billers, we hear from Prelinker about just how to make this market work.

    A real smorgasbord of video delights, I think you’ll agree. So, put on your holiday shirt, kick back with a long, cold drink, dangle your toes in the pool and enjoy.

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