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    EDITORIAL How to help affiliates cash in on coupons

    The rise of mobile commerce has propelled the idea of money-off coupons into being a key part of the digital retail economy. In fact, according to research conducted in multiple markets by the Global Savings Group (GSG), up to 25% of consumers actively search for a voucher when shopping online.

    Getting the right coupon or voucher to the mobile consumer are the right moment is becoming one of the major challenges for affiliate marketing today – and it cuts to the heart of where telemedia, mobile commerce and affiliate marketing collide.


    The answer to the issue of Dynamic Couponing. Launched by GSG, these allow advertisers to detect what prospective customers are doing and target them with the right – or at least the most relevant – coupons in their cannon at the right time.

    This, for many, is mobile marketing nirvana right here and now: popping a money off item right when the shopper is in buying mode – perhaps even at the point of purchase. How good is that?

    This form of affiliate marketing is an excellent example of how the once derided marketing technique is now at the forefront of mobile commerce. According to Alexander Hold, Global Project Lead Dynamic Solutions at GSG, “If your goal as a marketing manager is to increase AOV or drive higher conversions, Dynamic.Coupons is the ultimate performance tool. Through global research GSG has conducted, we know that in some markets up to 25% of customers are actively searching for vouchers. No marketing manager will forego 25% of their customers, especially if they can be easily retained using Dynamic.Coupons. Dynamic.Coupons gives the advertiser full control to optimise their voucher code strategy and focus on what provides them with the best Return on Investment (ROI), whether that be up-selling, cross selling, increasing conversion rate.”

    The big issue for affiliate marketing  – and across the whole telemedia sector – is GDPR. How does that impact on this burgeoning world of dynamic couponing? Says Hold: “Data privacy and the trust of our advertisers is very important to us and it is the core of everything we do. This is also true for the Dynamic.Coupons, where all data is siloed, and no data is available across advertisers. We are closely monitoring data privacy regulations in all markets and are investing a lot of resources in keeping our services and offerings up to date with the latest requirements. Over 20 of Europe’s largest online retailers have approved Dynamic.Coupons and have adopted a voucher code strategy.”

    These are a great example of how affiliate marketing can be brought to bear, through mobile, on the mainstream.

    And it is symptomatic of how the industry is morphing – with AI and increasingly sophisticated technology pushing to make marketing a much more advanced play than it has perhaps ever been before shows just how ripe the telemedia industry is.

    This year’s World Telemedia show in Marbella is at the epicentre of this shift. With sessions covering affiliate marketing, mobile commerce and more, the show aims to bring these technologies together to make money. We hope to see you there.

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