Monday, April 15, 2024
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    EDITORIAL Mobile ticketing, elearning, sports and the great outdoors – all winning with telemedia

    The global move to digital continues to gather pace as the pandemic moves to phase two and this week we see a range of industries embracing the interactivity and billing capabilities of telemedia services.

    From mobile ticketing to online education, from sport audience engagement to the great outdoors – all are tapping into what the industry has to offer. Even ‘sextech’ is getting in on the act.

    Each of these sectors – and many more not reporting anything this week – are all tapping into the need to engage consumers through digital platforms. The pandemic has made this all the more vital and accelerated developments across telemedia into the mainstream, compressing what would have taken years into months.

    So what is happening out there?

    The biggest news is that mobile ticketing is still in the ascendancy, even though events and travel have been seriously curtailed by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

    According to Juniper Research, mobile ticketing transaction volume, including tickets purchased via contactless, in-app, and mobile messaging, will recover to pre-pandemic 2019 levels by 2022.

    Transaction volume will increase from 6.8 billion in 2020 to 16.9 billion in 2022, as restrictions are eased, travel numbers increase, and entertainment events are rescheduled.

    Much of this will come from sports and entertainment – although that isn’t going to feed into the pipe until 2023.

    What is good is that the move towards being contactless and not handling paper money and paper tickets that the pandemic has initiated is set to continue long into the future. The promise of what mobile ticketing could deliver has long been recognised, it just took the public imagination to make the leap. Now they have leapt.

    Sports has been hard hit by the pandemic and, with live audiences still being told to stay away, the industry is desperate to find new ways to engage and monetise fans.

    That is where Dugout comes in. has launched Dugout FanPro, a unique and new fan profiling platform which will enable the football media company to further develop its audience targeting exclusively for its partner clubs, sponsors and global advertisers.

    By pairing Dugout’s first-party data with Lotame’s data enrichment solutions, Dugout has built multi-dimensional fan profiles and audience segments – creating significant value to key partners by accurately placing branded content campaigns in highly relevant environments. Dugout’s unique audience targeting capabilities include historic and real-time content consumption patterns, psychographics, sentiment, environment, engagement levels and purchasing intentions.

    With more than 85 million fans engaging monthly with Dugout’s football video content, clubs, sponsors and other advertisers have instant access to an established and highly engaged global audience – which will deliver greater ROI for branded content campaigns.

    This should help sports and events companies find some revenue streams during these locked down times and opens up more possibilities of how telemedia services and billing can be brought to bear on the digital world. One to watch.

    Education, too, has had a hard time: students may be back at schools and universities, but a lot of their teaching is going to have to be virtual. This week,  digital learning platform Preply, has published a study that examines the technological infrastructure and accessibility in 30 countries worldwide and finds that the UK is by far the leader in this area.

    What is interesting about this study is that it shows that the basic infrastructure for elearning is now in place in many countries, which will lead to a boom in elearning services.

    While much of the world’s education system is state run and free at the point of use, the increasing use of tech to teach will throw up further, monetizable, opportunities. Think extracurricular tuition, music lessons and even simple brain training. There is also a wealth of possibility in adult education and vocational training.

    All this can be monetised and needs a payment channel for that monetisation. Another telemedia opportunity in the making.

    Finally, one of the few things that UK consumers can do during these socially-distanced times is enjoy the great outdoors. Here The National Trust has partnered with Fonix to use Fonix’s Carrier Billing platform to  enable its user base of supporters to seamlessly charge donation payments to their mobile phone bills to help support nature, beauty and history.

    Again, carrier billing has made a surprising inroad into one of the most conservative institutions in the UK – whatever next?



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