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    EDITORIAL RCS gets UK boost from Oxfam, mGage & BT

    It’s been a big week for RCS in the UK, with Oxfam rolling out DCB in RCS to drive charity donations, while network operator BT has announced plans to start to showcase just how powerful the messaging platform can be for businesses.

    Oxfam will be working with mGage – which pioneered using DCB in RCS messages to make them directly monetisable – to make its marketing messages something that can instantly generate a payment.

    The move is interesting as it not only marks a big step forward for RCS in the UK, bringing its use in an actual real-world revenue stream on step closer, but also sees the charity sector being a pioneer of a new way to pay.

    Carrier billing has a long history of working with charities to gain much-needed public acceptance of the technology and has in no small part played a role in seeing DCB as something that consumers are more than willing to use.

    Oxfam now sending these messages are likely to introduce many people to RCS – probably without them even knowing that it is a new form of messaging – as well as hopefully extending the reach of carrier billing still further into the public’s consciousness.

    BT is similarly looking to push RCS to business users, teaming up with Infobip to showcase key benefits of RCS Business Messaging to more business customers across the UK through a busines flow demonstrator.

    BT employees and potential customers can text an SMS short code (88440 in the UK) to explore all key elements of RCS Business Messaging – for example real time confirmations, carousel product suggestions, Google Maps configuration, calendar integration and embedded video.

    Infobip has also signed an agreement with BT to offer access to RCS Business Messaging on EE, the number one network in the UK, to businesses in the UK and beyond.

    mGage’s work with RCS has been at the forefront of creating real-world services and can have played no small part in the mGage company being snapped up by cloud communications software provider Kaleyra.

    Kaleyra is joining a growing throng of large CPaaS platform providers that are adding RCS – and other messaging functionality – to their rosters through acquisition as they see more and more consumers interacting with businesses through these channels.

    The acquisition trail is set to hot up still further as more comms companies look at rapidly add this functionality to their platforms – this could well be a boom for telemedia companies and marks a shift to messaging as the consumer interact channel of choice.

    The rise of messaging companies has also contributed to success across a number of companies, including Fonix which listed on AIM last year and which has now logged revenue growth of 25% to £24.6m, generating a gross profit of £5.8m, up 22% on 2019.

    The move to mainstream use of telemedia is also reflected in both Cookies Digital and Yeesshh making it in to this year’s FT1000 list of fastest growing companies.

    This all goes towards the reshaping of the telemedia industry, which has increasingly seen its businesses become more core to how business and consumers interact with each other. Finally, carrier billing and messaging are coming together to tickle that consumer sweet spot of monetising interactive marketing.

    The tech has been a long time coming, but now it is here, people are using it. Expect to see more mergers and more profits as 2021 plays out.

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