Monday, June 24, 2024

    EDITORIAL Telemedia’s mainstream time has come

    It’s a bit like a scene from a sci-fi horror film: a shadow creeps around the globe until it arrives, looming, over the UK. No, the aliens haven’t come (yet), rather Carrier Billing for Amazon sign ups has slowly rolled around the world from Japan to India to Mexico to the UK (OK, so it sort of wiggled across the world – but, hey, who wants to ruin a perfectly good metaphor?).

    The important thing is that if this sort of technology is good enough for Amazon (and Netflix and Google Play and more), then it can’t be long before it is the truly mainstream option for many digital purchases.

    The moveby Bango with and as-yet un-named UK MNO will see customers of that operator able to sign up to Amazon Prime Video as part of the operators content plan. OK, so it’s not quite carrier billing at work – but it is a start.

    The move is still significant: it puts the fact that you can just, with a couple of clicks, get access to what you want on your phone, when you want it.

    For media and content companies this is surely an ideal mechanism? If they insist on charging for things – and let’s face it, most consumers now prefer either a small charge or a subscription to seeing adverts – at least make it easy.

    Giving users access to a really rapid way to pay on mobile for content and services – on any device: let’s face it device is now a thing of the past, we just want access wherever – is the key to any content business these days and carrier billing techniques are proving to be a key way to on-board users.

    No, they won’t want to be paying each month via their phone bill (well, most won’t), but it gets them signed up at the moment that they want to sign up.

    Fears around fraud still linger – especially in the minds of regulators and MNO compliance officers – but increasingly, as mobile becomes the portal for all consumers to everything they want to do, mainstream brands are going to want to use these telemedia tools get people onboard and paying.

    League tables of providers of carrier billing and messaging prepared by ROCCO can only help. We reported earlier this yearthat ROCCO had ranked carrier billing providers. Now it has provided a similar ranking of messaging providers – naming CLX as top dog.

    This is a huge boon to the telemedia industry as it puts these players out there as reputable and exciting players that should be worked with. Finally, the mystery and fear around telemedia appears to be evaporating.

    And about time too.

    It also bodes really well for the up coming World Telemedia Marbella show on 8-10 October, which will be debating all these issues and featuring some really cool access to these top players who hold the keys to unlocking the content market worldwide.

    We will be looking in more depth at the show in the coming months, but check it out and get your early bird ticket now – it’s going to be a sell out.

    EDITOR’S NOTE:If you are heading to Affiliate World Europe in Barcelona 18-20 July and have some interesting views on affiliate marketing, then get in touch with as we will be out there filming talking head interviews and we want to hear from you!

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