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    EDITOR’S BLOG 03-12-15 Raising a glass to an uncertain future

    Skeldon2014BWsmallHello and Happy Thursday! With Christmas – and war – nearly upon us, things in telemedia land are quieting down. Children in Need once again proved that charge to mobile is popular. Fonix handled £6.6million in mobile payments on the night – a new record.

    So why are we, a year on, still not seeing wider use of the technology? Every year the donations via C2M on Children in Need – and many other charities – goes up and up. Yet still we are no nearer to seeing it hit the mainstream.

    Of course there have been all sorts of issues with it at the MNO and regulatory end, but come on: people want to use it and the networks aren’t letting them.

    I met up with David Edmonds, the new Chairman of Phonepay plus last week (see the next issue of the magazine for the full interview in January), but I came away hopeful.

    He acknowledged issues and gave the genuine impression that he wants to work with the industry to make good services that meet needs, rather than just stopping things happening because of the small print in an over-complex regulatory framework.

    Of course, protecting consumers is still key, but perhaps we are on the verge of a major breakthrough in terms of where the industry and the regulator – and innovation – sit.

    There is much that is going to change in mobile and telemedia over the next 12 months and the whole value chain needs to be ready to exploit it. And that means that the regulator needs to be ready to look at how to make well thought out services something that people trust, as opposed to just looking to clamp down on wrong doing or worse perceived wrong doing.

    As I sip the first of many Christmas infused ports I am hopeful that we may be on the verge of charge to mobile starting to be pushed out the verticals that need it.

    This needs to happen as time is running out. Soon the UK will be left behind in terms of using this sort of technology.

    Here’s to that not happening.

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