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    Editor’s Blog 05-06-15: Looking forward to M-Payments Summit 2015

    Hello and Happy Friday! The M-Payments Summit 2015 takes place in London next week on the 9th June and what a line up we have. Dr Windsor Holden of Juniper Research will set the scene with a look at how charge to mobile can be used in so many more ways than just on a phone and then we will hear from a raft of suppliers and MNOs on how to make it work.

    The highlight of the show will undoubtedly be hearing from the BBC, INMA and Comic Relief on how charge to mobile has revolutionised TV, print media and charity donations, delivering a quick and easy way to pay. The audience of L2s and merchants are going to get some real food for thought.

    And they need to think about it carefully. UK consumers are rapidly embracing mobile payments – lead by charge to mobile – with Visa Europe predicting that some £1.2billion will be spent via mobile each week in the UK as consumers abandon cash.

    This means that, by 2020, the average person will be spending £27 a week on mobile: up £10 over today’s spend. Mobile payments are here and consumers seem increasingly likely to start using them.

    And M-Payments Summit is the place for merchants to learn how to make this happen. Of course, consumers in 2020 will be using many different mobile payment tools to do different things, but if the cards are played right then charge to mobile will be a strong part of that mix. And that is what the even on 9th June will be looking to do.

    Around this there will be a telemedia industry focussed conference that will not only take care of telemedia business, but will also allow the very same merchants and L2s to tell the industry what it needs from charge to mobile. There is much work to be done, many regulations to be understood and work within and there is much potential to be tapped.

    Together M-Payments Summit and UK Telemedia events will do this: outlining to potential users of these payment services how they work and what they can – and can’t do – and telling the industry what these merchants want and need. It is also the ideal time to assess where the telemedia industry goes next in terms of regulation following the judicial review of PPP and the ratification of PSD2 in Europe. Interesting times. Hope to see you there. Get your tickets here.

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