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EDITOR’S BLOG 051017 What a wonderful World Telemedia


World Telemedia Marbella kicks off next week – and what a treat it is set to be. With more than 400 people already signed up to attend (expect more on the day!) and a raft of interesting speakers, panellists and presenters, the event looks to be about to deliver a major triumph.

World Telemedia covers such a broad range of subjects that make up the Value-added services (VAS) value chain that it can be hard to define what it is really about. Personally, I think it is clear: you have all the telecoms and mobile technology – plus all the power marketing tech as well these days – and you have a load of people who know how to leverage all or part of that make money. It’s simple really. They create a range of services that help make money somewhere along the line.

That isn’t to say that this is a tech show. Oh no. It is very much – as it always has been – a business event. The range of technology on offer is merely a palette from which to create new services, revenue streams and products that are both B2B and B2C.

And that is what makes it so interesting to attend. There are so many bright people at the show that even when you are having a nice quiet beer at the end of the day (just the one!), the conversations you end up having are mind boggling and always always lead to some sort of interesting new development from the show. I love it.

So what is on offer this year?

Well we have a raft of great Spotlight sessions covering pretty much all you need to know about the industry; we have Empello’s marvellous Country Updates that will take you all around the world uncovering all you need to know about each market; you have the host of networking events that range from simple meet ups to lunches to parties with top notch entertainment and there are of course all the attendant chances to grab a coffee or a beer with old friends or new acquaintances.

So have a read of the highlights here, here and here and then, if you haven’t already, get yourself booked in right now here – and see you in Marbella.


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