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    EDITOR’S BLOG 061016 What to look out for in Marbella

    SkeldonWorld Telemedia is for any business that wants to engage and commercialise “connected consumers” – as they use their telephones, smartphones and other “online” devices – to respond and interact with premium content and service propositions across an ever expanding range of media distribution channels and payment platforms.

    The event has become an established trading and information exchange for domestic and international providers in a value chain where the currency is typically based on minutes, messages and traffic.

    This year we return to Marbella and the issues of the day around payments, international telecoms and engagement are augemented this time by detailed looks at marketing and advertising through programmatic ad services and affiliates.

    With much changing in the world of telemedia over the past 12 months, the industry finds itself at something of crossroads – and this year’s event is where these issues will be talked out and future mapped out.

    This year there is going to be a huge emphasis on performance marketing, and one particular session that catches the eye is sponsored by black6ADV at 16:00 on the 19th October – where CEO Boris Pelliccioni will lead a panel session that covers:

    • Acquiring “safe traffic” at the right price
    • Affiliate traffic & social media
    • Can Ad Networks manage affiliates?

    The balance of power for mpayment traffic.

    Also on the agenda on 18-20 October, will be an in depth look at how to make money from OTT messaging and the move towards conversational commerce. As part of its Mobile Messaging Programme, the Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF) will be presenting consumer research findings during World Telemedia Marbella from its global annual study tracking the impact of trust across the ecosystem and will be previewing guidelines developed by the international Working Group that tackle fraud management in A2P Messaging..

    There will also be sessions on how carriers should respond to decreasing margins, how content and service providers need to get more from international PRS companies, and how you can increase VAS through the new world of niche social networks.

    We will also be looking in depth at mobile payments and carrier billing – something that is about to rally take off (no really!) in the UK in the coming months, as well as seeing how it has been put into action elsewhere in the world – and how you can add it to your business.

    There will also be a range of product launches at the show, including Talk Talk Business unveiling its World SIP and international numbers offering.

    Everything you need to know about the only real premium content and billing event in the world can be found here – as can registration! Hope to see you in Marbella!

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