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    EDITOR’S BLOG 07-04-16 New media channels, new opportunities?

    The news that Twitter is set to stream NFL American Football games every Thursday is significant in a number of ways. First up it shows how eyeballs are moving away from traditional media channels and are starting to watch and consume in all manner of new ways. It is also significant as it marks a uptick in the use of social media for something other than empty boasting about travel, selfies and photos of people’s dinner.

    But more significant yet is that it shows just how different the world that telemedia services operate in has become – a fact not lost on PhonepayPlus, the UK PRS regulator: its changing its name and introducing a new code and new processes in an attempt to stay relevant. The telemedia world is in flux.

    Social media is particularly interesting: we all use it but no one has yet really monetised it to an extent that would justify the multi-billion dollar valuation of Facebook. Twitter’s decision to stream sports content puts it in a very new place and joins the likes of Amazon and Yahoo! in streaming what once would have been seen as ‘TV content’.

    Similar things are happening with messaging. The world – well the kids of the world – are moving to what are knows as OTT (over the top) messaging tools to communicate and the likes of the BBC and other media outlets are keenly following them.

    The BBC, as we reported, is already seriously experimenting with chat apps such as What’sApp and Viber to disseminate content in Africa and Mexico. With the NFL streaming football on Twitter, Amazon essentially remaking Top Gear for Amazon Prime, it can’t be long before we start to see mainstream content, media, TV and sports all expanding into these new channels.

    As time goes on it will become really clear what content works on which channel – and how these channels can merge to add interactivity and more. The big question, however, is whether this can be monetised – and where telemedia talent can be brought bare to do that monetising.

    With the new channels for media and content distribution come new opportunities for interaction, microbilling and more. Telemedia companies are ideally placed to bring their expertise from charge to mobile, PSMS and PRS to bear to create new monetisation opportunities around these new channels and services. It’s all up for grabs.

    And that is why this year’s World Telemedia Show in Marbella 18-20 October is looking squarely at how the telemedia sector and the MNOs – and all other related sectors – can operate and profit in these changing times.

    With a general theme of “Driving Value Added Services for Voice & Mobile Billing”, the show will provide the industry with a practical forum that covers “the issues of the day”, as well as committing to creating debate and deals around the “future opportunities through new technology, markets, partnerships and services”.

    With this in mind we’re particularly keen to secure speakers from outside the industry that can offer a fresh perspective on the opportunities within it. This will include representatives from the world of networks, billing and infrastructure – so expect to hear much about how Telemedia and the operators could and should be more effective in partnership together.

    So check out our call for papers and get your ideas in.

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