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    EDITOR’S BLOG 210917 What to look out for at World Telemedia Marbella

    World Telemedia Marbella 2017 which is just weeks away on 9-11 October, shows just how successful telemedia as an international business actually is. It may be an ‘old’ business – let’s face it, it was around before the internet, and was one of the first to leverage the web and then mobile before everyone became obsessed with e- and m-commerce – but it is one that not only continues to delight consumers, but one which moves from strength to strength.

    So what should you be looking out for this year?

    While the highlights of the show are, to my mind, the staggering array of countries covered in the Country Updates (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kosovo to name but a few), what really sticks out is that the technology that is being talked about here and in the show’s Spotlight Sessions, continues to move on pace – and move on within all these new countries as well as all the ‘old’ traditional ones where telemedia has long thrived.

    Affiliate marketing is a great example. It has provided a new and healthy route to market for many services and, off the back of the pay-per-click ‘power marketing’ world, has breathed new life into many companies and allows expansion into these new regions.

    At the show  Adrian Verge from Kimia will talk us through implement technology to detect traffic sources, establish whitelist/blacklists and improve churn rates and ARPU; how to entrust experienced Media Buyers with vertical expertise and advanced technology to scale rapidly and sustainably; how to ensure your creatives are providing the highest conversions possible; and how to monetize every click worldwide regardless of where your offering is available.

    Similarly, soft switches, OTT messaging services, charge to mobile payments and (though only just starting to be talked about) Rich Communications Services (RCS) or SMS 2.0 are all starting to offer new and interesting ways to create, disseminate and monetise services for consumers.

    The show will also focus on many of the key things that keep telemedia going. Just added to the roster is Making online payments simple for smaller emerging countries where Matthew Winters, CEO, Veoo will talk you through cracking emerging markets with in app mobile solutions that can provide the key to unlocking huge revenue potential across the globe.

    This sits along side presentations from Nick Lane from Mobilesquared, who is outlining the market for PRS and carrier billing and Stefan Kostic from Centilli, who will be looking at seamless payment flows; secure one click flows enablement; secure In-App payments; and subscription management.

    And this is the beauty of this show – which we have also tried to encapsulate in this issue: technology keeps moving things forward and as it does, new markets and new geographies open up like flowers in the advancing dawn.

    All you have to do is work out which ones you are going to pick. And that is why you HAVE to be at World Telemedia Marbella on 9-11 October.


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