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Editor’s Blog 24-04-15: One off the wrist?


Skeldon2014BWHello and Happy Friday! Are you glancing at your wrist and feeling like there is just something missing? Could it be that you need to get an Apple Watch slapped on that bad boy and become the man about town (let’s face it, most girls aren’t gonna want one)? Remember when it was the signal of alpha-telecoms-maleness to have an iPhone? Well, those days are here again as we nonchalantly ignore our peers who publicly display “one off the wrist”.

But will it catch on and what does it mean for business? Our top two stories this weekly, naturally, look at what marketers and consumers respectively make of the watch that came out today in the UK. They are quite revealing. I’ll let you read them both and make up your own mind, but there are some interesting take always.

Marketing wonks it would seem are very excited [LINK https://www.telemediaonline.co.uk/index.php/marketers-gamble-on-apple-watch-app-success/], with many planning to develop apps for the watch ASAP – and without looking at what consumer uptake is going to be – and there is a gung-ho acceptance that the Apple Watch will be a game changer for marketing, commerce and payments.

Then there are the consumers [LINK: https://www.telemediaonline.co.uk/index.php/crunch-time-will-anyone-buy-the-apple-watch/] . Only 11% of them are planning to buy one and most of those already have one from another manufacturer. Most people it would seem are bemused by what a smart watch can do, where it fits into their digital life and why the Apple watch is so expensive.

Of course, Apple doesn’t want all and sundry to have one anyway – just like it didn’t with the iPhone. Not right now anyway. It beds to get the early adopters to prove the concept, iron out the wrinkles and create the buzz. Then it will let every one have one.

But is it going to realise the potential that some say it offers? Will it, for example, be the catalyst for mobile payments? Many think it is the key to Apple Pay uptake and could well get people paying with a mobile device (albeit a watch rather than phone, but these days that is hair splitting pedantry).

There are others that see it as a hackers charter and one that will wreck mobile payments, especially Apple Pay.

Of course only time will tell, and with the watch launching today in the UK it’s going to be a while before we learn exactly what impact the watch is going to have on Telemedia, but it’s something that is sure to raise its head at mPayments Summit in London on 9 June. There should be some interesting discussions around wearables, carrier billing and that watch. Sign up here.


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