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    EDITOR’S BLOG 241016 World Telemedia takeaways

    SkeldonWorld Telemedia Marbella was a triumph – as those of you reading this who were there will know. Now in its 27th Year, the show was on a high, attracting more delegates, more exhibitors and more banter than it has at any point in the past 10 years.

    It is an interesting time to be in telemedia. Things have been tough for the industry, but now it seems that regulatory changes, a new more positive attitude and a groundswell of interest from mainstream companies is making these services more relevant than ever.

    You can’t get more mainstream that Kwak telecom winning a European Business of the Year award for innovation.

    Mobile payments of course are driving this. Charge to mobile is a contender in the fight to get people paying with their phones and finally the operator community seems to have caught up with the idea.

    Consumers want to pay by phone – as many as 69% depending on who’s data you look at – and many who have yet to try it say they want to. The effortless ease of paying using charge to mobile for things like car parks or wifi or tickets is a clear winner.

    And with PSD2 about to come into force – and thanks to AIME with ticketing included – the mood was bullish about how to take carrier billing forward.

    Gold Sponsor Veoo was on hand to demo its new mobile wallet where it looks to be bringing payments and loyalty and other facets of m-commerce together in a neat little package. This was one of the highlights of the show.

    The event also uncovered how the need for telcos and service providers to adapt to a more customer centric world also occupied a lot of the time at the show. Telco voice and data and SMS revenues are falling, but that doesn’t mean that no one is using voice and messaging – far from it, its on the up. It just that people are using Viber and Skype and WhatsApp.

    Telcos really need to tackle this and they need telemedia companies to make it work, warned BDO’s Christian Goetz in the opening keynote.

    Other themes to emerge from the event looked at how telemedia companies need to look more closely and carefully at how they advertise services. 22% of the population now use ad blockers and this is playing havoc with ads.

    Clive Goodman gave an interesting talk on how to combat this and how advertising needs to become more immersive and engaging to beat the blockers.

    Companies also need to engage more with affiliate marketing agencies to make affiliate marketing work better for them. It has been used widely already, but unless you do it well then you could be in trouble. Kimia and Black6ADV were on hand to make this fly. It was great to have some affiliates at the show and we hope to see more in the future.


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