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    Editor’s Blog 30-04-15: Getting engaged

    Skeldon2014BWHello and Happy Thursday! With it being a holiday across most of Europe Friday and Monday (in honour of it being May Day and everything, comrades) we thought we’d treat you to this week’s news a day early. We thought we would be engaging.

    And engagement is the name of the game. While mobile payments is really the hot topic in telemedia town these days – especially around charge to mobile and how to get that out there to a wider audience – the idea of how payments and engagement fit together is really what this is all about.

    Research by Openmarket [LINK:]out this week underlines just how vital messaging is and just how it should be thought of as part and parcel of the whole mobile engagement play – with payments being a strong part of that.

    In short, rather than selling the idea of mobile payments, telemedia companies should be looking to sell the idea of engagement and how that can lead to a payment – and then how a payment can be used to build more engagement and an on-going relationship.

    This is really what the key to what telemedia companies offer merchants and something that isn’t really part of the remit of other payment processes. For the likes of media companies, broadcasters, marketers and more, telemedia offers the chance to build effective SMS campaigns and draw them into paying. It even offers the chance to create a viable – and lucrative – alternative to digital ads. Let’s face it, digital ads as a money spinner on mobile aren’t really delivering, are they?

    This is really the power of charge to mobile payments: that the payment part is part of a much wider engagement story. And these days it is all about engagement. Back in the day, the telemedia industry saw the potential in broadcast and print for interaction. Now all brands from retailers to fast food outlets to car parks see engagement as an important part of their strategy. Showing them how to combine that with the ability to pay quickly and easily is now our goal.

    And so we are looking forward to showing casing all this on 9 June at the mPayment Summit in London, where we will be showing the merchants what can be done, how payments is just part of a bigger messaging story and getting a host of those already using the tech to talk through how it works. We are also hoping to let the merchants there grill the telemedia service providers and MNOs as to how to make it work for them. So get involved. Sign up here.

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