Sunday, April 14, 2024

    Effective Measure partners with Google to launch brand new data solution “emPower”

    Effective Measure has added its emPower audience data segments tool in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) to Google’s demand-side-platform (DSP), DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM). The partnership will allow advertisers, agencies and trading desks to accurately target specific audiences when purchasing inventory through DoubleClick’s DBM.

    After a successful testing period, in partnership with DoubleClick and Vivaki AOD earlier in 2015, Effective Measure introduced a data-opt-in model to the market. This model was developed in consultation with the industry to ensure publishers had flexibility over their participation in the program. Segments are only released with the support of publishers, and when opted in to the program, they will share in all revenue generated via emPower.

    Effective Measure’s emPower is a data co-op representing data from opt-in Publishers and enriched with declared (survey based) and behavioral (online browsing) data created by Effective Measure. At launch, behavioural segments including Automotive, Real Estate, Sports, Style & Fashion, Travel and Health & Fitness will be available. Demographic segments include age, gender, income level and occupation. Further demographic segments such as nationality, parents and education will be launched later this year.

    “Effective Measure is delighted to introduce high quality actionable audience data for the MENA region”, said Matthew Robarts, MD – MENA, Effective Measure. “In a first for the region, we are proud to work in partnership with publishers to deliver audience segments created from opt-in data, while ensuring the publishers benefit from a new revenue stream”, Robarts said.

    “This launch marks a key milestone for programmatic in MENA as our partners will now have the ability to buy, and optimize against, specific audience segments in real time.  This brings us one step closer to precision marketing”, said Nourah AlFayez – Programmatic Lead at DoubleClick MENA.  “Marketers can now leverage both their first party data and emPower’s third party data to boost ROI for their campaigns throughout their marketing funnel. We are extremely excited about working with our partners on how to best leverage this data.  This will be truly transformational for programmatic buying in the region”, AlFayaz added.

    All emPower opt-in publishers receive a revenue share in return for their data contribution. Those not opting in will continue to work with Effective Measure as they did before, although their data will not be a part of emPower. Publishers opting in are kept totally anonymous providing maximum protection of their brand whilst developing a brand new sales channel.

    “‘This announcement and partnership are a testament to EM’s ability to move with pace in not only bridging market data and intelligence gaps, but, also, in safeguarding the integrity and transparency of publisher data – a focal priority for agencies and marketers alike in the region”, said Roli Okoro, Head of Audience on Demand (MENA) at VivaKi. “Local third party-based targeting is a significant achievement for the region, it is not too ambitious to say that it will sit at the center of future client campaigns” Okoro added.

    Google’s DoubleClick Bid Manager is exchange agnostic meaning that in addition to Google’s ad exchange (DoubleClick Ad Exchange), it is integrated into over 50 exchanges including AppNexus, Facebook exchange, Rubicon, Pubmatic, Yahoo!, AOL and Adapt tv. Agencies and brands across the world will be able to buy audiences from some of the world’s leading exchanges.  emPower data integrations will also be available on the supply side of the market, with publishers and marketplaces having an opportunity to utilize emPower to enrich their own proprietary sources of data.

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