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    Effective tips to increase Google Ads click-through rate

    If your goal is to increase advertising performance on Google Ads and even save money while doing so, the first thing you need to accomplish is improving the Google Ads click-through rate. But this task is not always easy to accomplish.

    With the growing number of competitors nowadays, it is very difficult to stay on top of the search result in Google Search – new competitors come with new strategies and often hire professional consultants to help them get ahead of their competition. 

    Therefore, if you have postponed renewing and improving your strategy because you saw that it was going well enough for a couple of last years, you need to hurry up and do it, especially if you see that the new competition is already ahead of you. To help you, we will share some effective tips to increase Google Ads CTR.

    Tip #1: Audit Google Ads Account

    There are great Google Ads audit tools that can help you improve your Google Ads click-through rate and build a proper strategy. More to it, some of these tools are completely free, and they give the ability to learn more about the current stage of your Google Ads campaign.

    And especially if you have been running and modifying the same Google Ads campaign for years by yourself, it is very healthy to see where you currently stand as a brand and as a competitor in your business niche.

    An audit like this will not only help you understand how well you are doing. It will also highlight the parts of your campaign that needs improving – including bidding options, keyword choice, and many other crucial factors.

    Tip #2: Work on Your Quality Score

    Google Quality Score is a very important metric that can vary from 1 to 10, 10 being the highest score possible. Each and every keyword that you have on your active Google Ads campaign has a separate score, and there are quite a few factors that can influence it.

    The most important factor is always relevance. Therefore when you create an ad and write a copy for it, you have to make sure it sounds good and appealing to your potential customers. You also have to ensure that the landing page that it links to is relevant. For example, if you advertise one specific product, the ad should never lead to a list of 100 products from your online store.

    Also, depending on what the ad states, it needs to lead to quality content. So if you are missing quality and relevance, it is most likely that a person will click on your ad, expecting something that matches his needs – and if your landing page shows completely different information, the visitor will leave the website, and with time, this will drop your Quality Score.

    Tip #3: Experiment With Different Ad Types

    Even if you already have a few well-functioning ads, there is no reason to stick to one type of ad. Try out new ones. Experimentation is the key to success when it comes to Google Ads because as each and every business is somewhat different, so are the ad campaigns for different products and services.

    Trying out something new and experimenting is also the most effective method for social media marketing – and today’s Google Ads are no different. For example, one of the most effective ads to increase the click-through rate is responsive text ads. It gives you the ability to add multiple titles and subtitles to your ad, and afterward, Google tests which combination is best to show in different cases.

    Tip #4: Use Remarketing Techniques

    Remarketing techniques have been proven to be very successful in many different advertising campaigns. And we are speaking about just any platform – not only Google Ads. Targeting someone who has already shown an interest in your product or service is much easier and has way more possibilities for click-through rate growth and conversions.

    First of all, when you run a remarketing ad campaign, you no longer need to struggle and try to tell a potential customer about yourself in a short ad copy. The person already knows you and is interested in what you are selling. Therefore, you can come up with a bunch of original ideas for special limited time offers, including the sense of urgency – these are guaranteed to increase the CTR of your ad campaign. 


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