Friday, June 21, 2024

    Emagine launches new platform to enable mobile operators to make decisions and relevant offers based on real-time network event triggers

    Emagine International, a specialist provider of real-time contextual marketing software and managed services, has launched a new platform that enables mobile operators to make decisions based on real-time network event triggers, allowing them to communicate the right marketing offer to the right person in real-time.

    The Emagine Real-Time Event Decisioning platform brings usage and trigger-based marketing campaigns to life with the ability to deliver a communication or offer instantaneously upon a threshold or target being reached. This enables CSPs to execute campaigns and communications in real-time, delivering messages while the customer’s phone or device is still in their hand.

    The end of a call, use of the mobile device in a particular location, calling to a specific destination, or a prepay recharge are all examples of real-time events which mobile operators could select to trigger targeted marketing offers based on real-time customer activity on the network.

    This enables CSPs to deliver new levels of personalisation and a heightened customer experience, creating incremental revenue increase opportunities. The launch complements Emagine’s new company vision of alignment; aligning mobile operators’ marketing objectives with what their customers need and want.

    To do this, the Emagine Real-Time Event Decisioning platform is designed to solve four perennial operator problems to deliver the end-to-end solution:

    • Real-time data collection and aggregation and understanding and filtering of the high volume, real-time customer data generated by the mobile telecoms network
    • Real-time streaming and decisioning to determine if the network event is significant, and hence whether an offer or interaction should be triggered in that instant
    • Real-time analytics to determine the best offer to make to the customer at that moment
    • Real-time communications and fulfilment of offers to the customer on the network

    The Emagine Real-Time Decisioning Platform comes with pre-configured use cases of high volume and real-time data collection, aggregation, filtering and decisioning so that CSPs are quickly able to stimulate data usage, recharge, international calls, roaming and many other behaviours with tightly coupled offers and rewards, all delivered in real-time.

    The platform uses VoltDB, a next generation in-memory scale-out SQL database built to power the next generation of streaming data applications that support real-time personalisation. VoltDB’s architecture offers virtually unlimited scalability, together with a fast operational database, real-time analytics and stream processing for data-intensive applications that rely on fast, smart data.

    “The feedback that we’ve been getting from our operator customers on the Real-Time Event Decisioning Platform has been overwhelmingly positive. There is clearly a demand for fast data solutions that allow real-time streaming data processing to dynamically react to customer activity and personalise the experience. For our customers, this will have a real impact on incremental revenue and churn rates,” said David Peters, Emagine CEO and Founder. “We are helping operators to transform data into useful insights to align the right people with the right message at the right time, in real-time. When all these elements are in alignment, customers feel understood, satisfied and valued, and operators see the kind of outcomes that make a difference to their business.”

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