Tuesday, May 21, 2024

    Facebook’s continued success needs a cross-channel approach

    212c43fJon Myers, VP & MD Marin Software EMEA comments on Facebook’s recent success and the challenges for the future as it seeks to monetise both its advertising and its non-core platforms.

    Mobile continues to be a major area of growth for Facebook with a reported 1.25 billion users logging on via their mobile already this year.

    The explosive usage in mobile has fuelled advertisers to direct more spend in this direction. We know from our own data that spend on mobile campaigns accounts for over half (55%) of the spend on social advertising in the UK. It’s no wonder advertisers are spending freely on mobile social ads – 62% of all social ad clicks come from smartphones and tablets.

    Facebook ramped up its approach to driving mobile engagement with the introduction of dynamic product ads, which allow advertisers to promote relevant products to shoppers browsing a full product catalogue on their website or mobile app. This feature has already had a positive impact on click through rates (CTR) while reducing the cost per acquisition (CPA).

    However, the success of mobile doesn’t mean advertisers should ignore the influence social ads have via larger-screened laptops and desktops. Despite attracting less traffic than mobile devices, more clicks are still converted on desktops. Smart marketers realise the need to balance their spend between mobile and desktop, even while mobile continues to outperform desktop in some areas.

    Currently, consumers often first interact with a brand message on Facebook but are more likely to purchase a product via a search engine. Combining what an advertiser has learned about a consumer in browsing mode on Facebook and applying this when the consumer moves into buying mode on a search engine can be a powerful combination.

    In fact, our data shows that people who click on both a search and social ad contribute approximately twice as much revenue per click than those who only clicked on search ads. It will be interesting to monitor whether this balance shifts when Facebook starts to monetize its non-core platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger.

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