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    FACTOIDS Top 10 facts about mobile

    289dfb0Poh-Lin Carter-Lau, On Device Research outlines all you need to know, in lovely bite sized chunks, about the world of mobile and the trends for 2015… and there’s even a neat cartoon. Enjoy.

    #1 China has reached 648m internet users
    China has more internet users than the populations of the USA, Indonesia and UK combined. Oh, and last year they spent $295 billion online. More here

    #2 Mobile is number 1 for shopping
    60% of Amazon customers used a mobile device to shop over Christmas. What a way to celebrate it’s 20th year operating over the Christmas period, with Amazon also seeing 10m new users of Amazon Prime, it’s membership-based shipping service. More here
    Bonus link: Shopping apps are now the fastest area of growth for mobile

    #3 Insight is every function’s responsibility
    Stan Sthanunathan, senior vice president, Consumer & Market Insights at Unilever gives his thoughts on why insight should add value throughout the organisation and create inter-company relationships. More here

    #4 Creativity is key
    What makes your advertising stand out? More consumers are now mobile-only, meaning less advertising real estate. Here’s what Mobile5 have to say on creative considerations for mobile. More here

    #5 Africa leads the way for market research
    Millward Brown explores how the rise of mobile in Africa will revolutionise market research globally. We’ve already explored the impact of mobile impact on everyday lives in Africa, but for research it means quicker turnaround, more reach and no income bias. More here

    #6 Islamic banks: not just for Muslims
    What is the appeal of Islamic banks for non-Muslims? Brave have launched their new BRAVE index and look into attitudes towards Islamic banks and their adoption by Westerners in the UAE. More here

    #7 Will selling international food brands be a big hit in Africa?
    African consumers finally get the word out as to whether they prefer buying local or international brands when it comes to food, electronics and much more. In this Deloitte report, run in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and Egypt (and powered by us), they also gave their thoughts on their continent’s current economic climate. More here

    #8 Multiscreen fatigue & mobile mediocrity are new e-commerce killers
    Have you made mobile a priority? If you haven’t, it could cost you. Consumers are no longer tolerant of customer journeys which haven’t been optimised for mobile and will simply abandon their purchase and ultimately stop handing over that hard-earned cash. More here

    #9 BT pays £12.5bn for EE
    And now 3 are looking to take over Telefonica’s O2. It looks as though the mobile network environment is set to look very different in 2015, and we predict quadplay to be a huge buzzword this year. More here

    #10 Great Internet of things – Connected Devices
    This satirical cartoon could very well be the future with connected households and hyper-intelligent ad targeting on the horizon.

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