Thursday, June 13, 2024

    Fast-growing SafeSwiss extends capability and user-reach to offer secure text chat and voice

    SafeSwiss, which launched recently on iOS and Android as the world’s most effective and comprehensively secure system for text-chat, voice calls and file transfer, today announced that it now supports 12 languages, with more on the way.

    SafeSwiss, the new, Switzerland-based competitor to WhatsApp and Telegram Messenger, and recently described as Snapchat for grown-ups, prides itself on its security. This is not only the digital security of its complete end-to-end encryption, which other apps boast but few offer with the same robustness as SafeSwiss.

    It is also the geopolitical security that comes from having its critical servers based in Zurich, Switzerland, a European country with some of the world’s strictest security laws, and the further security of knowing that neither the content of communications nor their unencrypted metadata are stored on those servers.

    Co-founder and CEO of SafeSwiss Secure Communications AG Tim Gallagher said: “Digital and other security are the bedrock of SafeSwiss and we believe our combination of measures makes us a world leader.

    “But we have also invested a great deal in creating a friendly and effortless interface for our users. We want SafeSwiss to be accessible to everyone and so our expansion from six to twelve languages brings us closer to many more people and regions.”

    The languages supported by SafeSwiss are now Arabic, Bosnian, Croatian, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

    SafeSwiss CTO Emir Rizvanovic said: “The uptake of Safeswiss on both iOS and Android has far exceeded our initial assessments and is on track for a significant volume of users. Adding extra languages further enhances these volumes.”

    Gallagher continued: “Supporting multiple languages is an absolute prerequisite for increasing the number of potential users and we are intending to introduce more language updates very soon.”

    SafeSwiss launched its total end-to-end encrypted secure communication apps on iOS and Android platforms in December 2016, after four years of development. A free PC version is currently under beta testing and will follow shortly. SafeSwiss stands apart from the crowd because of its secure ephemeral messaging, where complete control over any text/chat messages lies with the users on both the sender’s and recipient’s device (whether one-to-one or group chat). It also supports secure P2P voice calls and group voice conference calls, along with many other features, not least a timed delete. And unlike others, SafeSwiss delete really means delete.

    Gallagher continued: “Many people are unaware of just how many providers only encrypt messages and files in transit, meaning that whatever is sent can be extremely vulnerable while sitting unencrypted on a server, in the interval after it’s sent and before it’s delivered. They are also unaware of how deleted messages might remain on servers. Almost daily, we hear stories about hacking, leaking of sensitive information and MiM or MiTM attacks, with stories including some of the leading, supposedly secure brands.”

    Gallagher concluded: “Protection of messages, voice calls and files means end-to-end encryption, such as ours at SafeSwiss, where only the intended recipient can view anything sent or hear any voice call. Add the reassurance that the SafeSwiss servers managing any key exchange are located within Europe and you have a world-beating level of protection.”

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