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    Financial tips for new start ups

    Money will always be a concern when you first launch a new business, especially if it is your first business venture. It is important that you get your operation up and running to a high standard in order to make a good impression and attract customers, but this can be expensive which is problematic when you do not yet have much money coming in. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to be intelligent with their money when first launching a new company – this will also help you to maximise profit early on. So, if you are thinking of starting a new company then read on for a few financial tips.

    • Secure funding

    You need to make sure that you have the finances to get the business up and running to a high standard. This is likely to require finding funding and there are a few good options available to you, including:

    • Angel investments
    • Venture capitalists
    • Bank loan
    • Crowdfunding
    • Personal savings


    • Work from home

    You may find that it is possible to run the operation out of your home initially. It is a smart idea to keep the operation basic to start with and working from home could save you a small fortune on rent. Once the company starts to find success and grow, you could then look to upgrade the operation.


    • Develop your skills

    When you run a business, there are many important areas to address which require different skills. This means that often an entrepreneur will need to hire staff or outsource certain tasks, but this can be a major expense. Instead, look to develop your own skills so that you can manage these tasks too. This might include:

    • Web design
    • Digital marketing
    • Accounting


    • Buy supplies online & in bulk

    In terms of supplies that you need for the operation, you can usually make big savings on these simply by shopping online and by purchasing in bulk. Ink cartridges, for example, can be expensive but are much cheaper when you shop around online and buy large packs as opposed to single units.

    When it comes to managing your startup’s expenses wisely, don’t forget to explore alternative ways to save money, such as recycling your old inkjet cartridges for cash. You can learn more about this eco-friendly and cost-effective option at, where you can discover how to get cash for inkjet cartridges while reducing your environmental footprint.


    • Savings on tech, equipment & software

    All businesses will need a range of tech, equipment, furniture and software to succeed but these can be major costs. There are a few ways to make savings in these areas, including:

    • Buying refurbished/second-hand
    • Leasing instead of buying
    • Opting for lesser known brands
    • Open-Source software
    • Using your own equipment from home


    • Supplement your income

    It is unfortunate, but many new start ups fail before they have a chance to succeed simply due to a lack of income. Therefore, it is a smart idea to supplement your income until the company starts to generate enough for you to pay yourself to live on. This could be a part-time role or an online job to keep you going.

    Every entrepreneur needs to be intelligent with money when it comes to launching a new company. The information in this guide should help you to stay on top of your finances and get the project up and running to a high standard so that you should soon start to attract clients and bring in enough money.

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