Sunday, April 14, 2024

    First chat app to book and track documents, parcels and pallets goes live in Holland

    Dutch chat and app company Wuunder has rolled out an app that allows users to send and receive shipments just how you would send chat messages.

    The user’s mobile phone effectively becomes a franking machine. The app also offers a dashboard with active track & trace information. Normally you have to type in long connote numbers to see if the status has changed, but with Wuunder both sender and receiver will know the last place the shipment has been scanned. And what problem solving actions Wuunder customer service is executing in case of an issue with a carrier.

    Thanks to the built-in chat function Wuunder creates direct contact between sender, receiver and the customer service of Wuunder. This is not only extremely important for customer satisfaction – returns are a piece of cake – but also to ship in a personal way.

    Not only the simplicity was noticed, but also the fact that Wuunder always selects the best price and service from 23 different carriers like a professional Transport Management System.

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