Tuesday, May 21, 2024

    Fonix launches self-serve mobile messaging platform

    Mobile payments, messaging and marketing specialists, Fonix, has launched Zensend, an enterprise grade two-way messaging platform that provides developers and businesses with the ability to add SMS integration for apps and platforms worldwide.

    Zensend’s messaging API makes it simple for developers to integrate SMS into existing apps, enabling businesses to quickly execute messages to their audiences simultaneously, wherever they are.

    The Zensend platform offers high-throughput bulk messaging through direct connections to every UK mobile operator, providing quality connections and avoiding non-legitimate grey routes.  Moreover, grey routes are largely responsible for messaging spam and often fail to deliver or often delay mission critical messaging such as user verification which is required by the consumer in the moment.

    Whilst mobile operators battle to terminate grey routes, they continue to exist with un-aware businesses choosing them based on rock-bottom pricing without a clear understanding of how the poor delivery of messaging will affect their brand in the longer term.

    Zensend also provides much needed transparency throughout the messaging value-chain (from brand to consumer) with clear reporting and data cleaning tools so that invalid mobile numbers can easily be removed from any given campaign.  Typical applications of messaging across the Zensend platform include:

    • Marketing loyalty and CRM campaigns
    • Customer notifications – from subscription renewals to appointment reminders
    • Charity campaigns that use mobile as a major component for donations, CRM and marketing
    • User Verification, where the consumer requires a pin number to operate a service – from joining a conference call to accessing online content behind a pay-wall
    • Two-factor authentication

    Moreover, because mobile messaging has up to a 98 per cent open rate, 90 per cent of which are read within three minutes of being received, the Zensend platform allows businesses to tap in to the most responsive and cost effective way of direct marketing and customer engagement.

    Rob Weisz, CEO and founder at Fonix explains: “Messaging continues to be the most effective way of delivering communications to consumers – whether that’s based on cost or engagement.  With Zensend we have invested a lot of time and technical know-how to make it easy to set up two-way messaging campaigns with any business and its customers.

    “Without a doubt providers of grey routes are damaging to the industry.  Whilst undermining price points for bulk messaging campaigns may be attractive to some brands, the long-term effect is a poor user experience and no guarantee that a message has been delivered.  With Zensend we’ve built a product that competes on price and also delivers on the quality of the connection – both essential components of any application to person messaging service.”

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