Friday, April 19, 2024
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    fonYou enables Colombian MNO to automate 25% of product distribution in a year 

    fonYou is working with the largest Colombian provider of mobile services to deliver AI-powered, hyper-personalised products and payment solutions across the carrier’s entire prepaid and postpaid subscriber base.

    The solution helps the carrier to secure new revenue streams, removing friction from the customer journey across the operator’s mobile services.

    Seeking to maintain its competitive edge, the Latin American operator implemented fonYou’s iCarrier platform to create timely and hyper-personalized offers for each subscriber. Moreover, fonYou’s solution enables the operator to provision selected services and process payments or credits across a range of payment channels.

    fonYou’s iCarrier platform uses hyper-segmentation and scoring techniques to suggest the most optimum, personalized product or package to each individual subscriber on the carrier’s network. It enabled the operator to automate 25% of its total product distribution, including packages of minutes, applications, data and bundling of minutes, data and social media.

    As friction was removed from the customer journey, the operator experienced increased monetization of customer events. Additionally, the iCarrier platform enabled the operator to reactivate past purchases from inactive users, resulting in repeat purchases for the future.

    “The Colombian market is one of the most advanced mobile markets in Latin America, with a large proportion of citizens also using mobile wallets,” says Fernando Núñez Mendoza, CEO of fonYou. “This level of maturity makes it an attractive market for the vertical integration of services – sale, distribution and payment – across its prepaid and postpaid subscriber segments. Because everything is seamlessly done in real-time, the operator has seen improved customer satisfaction, as well as increased revenues.”

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