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    Four reasons to invest in your website

    Most businesses in the modern era have a website. It’s here that they present their brand and their offerings in order to generate more custom than they might ordinarily generate with physical stores. With websites an increasingly important element of a business’s functioning – and more and more consumers shopping online instead of in-store – it’s time to invest in your web assets in order to build towards higher profits in the future. Here are four reasons why you should invest in your website in 2020.

    New normal

    In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, it’s become clearer and clearer that the future rests in the hands of remote working, remote shopping and high-speed deliveries. We’ll be shopping in-store less when we come out of lockdown, and more and more e-commerce sites will be popping up to cater to this expanding trend. Your website is one among millions trying to capture this new audience and new customer base – you should always, therefore, be investing in it in order to capture the growing market share of consumers who prefer to shop on the web.


    In the first moment that a web user interacts with your website, they’re making a number of instant decisions about who you are as a brand, how trendy you are, and how much they can trust you to deliver on your promises as a company. While you might expect these decisions to be made following a read-through of your reviews, they’re actually made based on the appearance and layout of your website. In general, a well-designed website communicates a company that’s confident and well presented; a poor website looks scruffy and unlikely to be worth trusting with your cash. As such, investing in the aesthetics of your website is a must in 2020.


    Another element that can really affect your sales is the traffic that your website brings in. If you’re drawing in 500 web users a week, perhaps only 10% of them will actually be trading with you. If you increase your traffic, you’ll increase your sales, too. Or that’s how the logic goes. But the very best way to improve your sales and increase your traffic is to use SEO principles to ensure the right consumers are landing on your pages – the sorts of consumers who have already shown an interest in trading with you. A Magento agency Manchester can help you redesign your web offerings with SEO in mind: a savvy investment for firms looking to drive sales.


    In the ever-changing digital world, it pays to be a step ahead of the curve. If you can anticipate changes in the digital world and change your website to accommodate these changes, you’ll be seen as modern, cutting-edge and competitive. You’ll also be future-proofing your website, which means you won’t have to keep spending a lot of cash to make your website appear modern. Look to the future, identify trends and make smart changes to your web offerings to reflect your modernisation drive.

    These four reasons to invest in your website should inspire and encourage you to draw up a plan to update your site in 2020.

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