Monday, May 27, 2024

    G-Core Labs begins a new phase in South America with opening of point of presence in Chile

    G-Core Labs, the international provider of cloud and edge solutions, is expanding its presence in South America by opening a new point of presence of its content delivery network in Santiago, Chile’s capital.

    The location shows an average response time of 24 ms, according to Citrix, an independent analytical system, successfully competing with local and American CDN service providers.

    “In 2020 we are planning a significant growth of our infrastructure on the Latin American continent, here we want to open about 5 new points of presence,” says Dmitry Samoshkin, G-Core Labs vice president of products.. We start with Chile, which is one of top 5 countries in the southern part of the New world in terms of internet penetration. More than 15 million people here regularly use the global network, that is 82,3% of country’s population. The media and entertainment markets are actively developing in Chile, people buy in online stores and study in a remote format – and each of these cases needs a fast content delivery network, allowing companies to transfer powerful video streams with audience’s favorite movies, games or meetings & lectures broadcasts in millisecond, as well as to accelerate online stores work. This is especially important in the current period of self-isolation.”

    The point of presence is located in a certified Tier III class data center. G-Core Labs CDN supports all necessary protocols, including HTTP/2 (by default), SSL and IPv6, and also provides flexible system configuration options: access through the API, opportunities to pre-load heavy files, to clear cache completely or selectively, to set and manage cache storing time, cache return, inheriting caching parameters, to ignore request parameters and cookies etc.

    The global architecture of G-Core Labs content delivery network, located on 5 continents, was created by experts on high-load systems. Today, it includes more than 60 points of presence, 5000+ peering partners, 300+ cash servers and the total network capacity is 10+ Tbit/sec

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