Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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    G-Core Labs launches service to rent bare metal servers in public cloud

    G-Core Labs, the international cloud and edge solution provider, has launched a new service: renting dedicated servers, or Bare-Metal-as-a-Service.

    This solution allows for a ready-to-use, physical service to be deployed within minutes, which can then be used in combination with the provider’s other services to build a flexible cloud infrastructure with simple resource management, balance and networks.

    It does not always make sense to deploy high-capacity services and apps on virtual machines, because “the virtualization tax” prevents them from using all the resources of such services. Another source of trouble is the distribution of one platform’s resources between different users.

    When one customer overuses the server’s capacity, it’s the others who must pay for it by losing their performance. Similarly, if one user has malicious intent, their neighbors also share the safety risks. One can get rid of these problems by obtaining full and exclusive access to all the capacities of a physical server through renting a dedicated server, also known as a bare-metal server.

    The problem, though, is that usually such solutions are harder to buy than virtual machines, and one must wait longer to get it prepared for work. Another issue is managing the infrastructure of a diverse network of dedicated servers, virtual machines and cloud services from different providers.

    “G-Core Labs’ new offering, Bare-Metal-as-a-Service, solves all of the aforementioned problems. It allows a user to order a ready-to-use dedicated server as easily as a virtual one,” notes Alex Federighi, deputy head of G-Core Labs’ department of cloud platforms. “They only need to select the characteristics, connect a private network, a public network or several networks at once, — and in a few minutes the physical server will be ready for use. Unlike a virtual one, it allows all of its resources to be used and guarantees the absence of ‘neighbors.’ Moreover, bare metal nodes are suitable for tasks where virtualization is inappropriate, including deployment of resource-heavy apps like gaming servers or databases, or creating storage systems within the public cloud, use as hypervisors, or launching containers.”

    The new solution, along with other services of G-Core Labs, can be managed through a unified, user-friendly interface, which will allow clients to easily build an efficient, stable, and balanced infrastructure in the public cloud.

    G-Core Labs offers proper cloud infrastructure within IaaS and PaaS models, bare metal, and virtual servers on all continents, as well as an international content delivery system, ready for any loads and integrated with cloud object storage and a state-of-the-art streaming platform for OTT broadcasting and video-on-demand delivery, along with highly efficient protection against DDoS attacks and fraudulent activities based on a unique technology of smart traffic filtration.

    Thanks to the diverse ecosystem of services, users can get a ready-to-use, flexible infrastructure where they can easily unite private and public networks and manage dedicated servers, virtual machines, and other solutions of the provider. This gives clients new opportunities to use the public cloud. For example, it allows them to deploy demanding and sensitive high-capacity apps over the “bare metal” servers, and if there is an extra boost of load, it’s easy to add more virtual capacity within minutes, which can easily be turned off later.

    The high productivity of G-Core Labs solution is based on Intel technologies: the cloud services work on Intel Xeon Gold 6152, 6252 and 5220; CDN cache servers, on Intel Xeon Platinum, and in April 2021, the provider turned out to be one of the first in the world to start integrating 3rd generation Intel Xeon Scalable (Ice Lake) in the server infrastructure of its cloud servers.

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