Tuesday, June 25, 2024

    G-Core Labs opens new global content delivery network and hosting site in Tel-Aviv

    G-Core Labs, an international provider of cloud and edge solutions for content delivery, hosting and security, is expanding its infrastructure in the Middle East by opening a new point of presence of content delivery network and hosting in the economic capital of Israel –  the city of Tel-Aviv.

    The average response time of company’s network here is 21ms, according to the independent analytical system Citrix, which is one of the best results in the region.

    “Today, the Middle East is one of the world’s fastest growing markets from the point of view of digital content consumption. Analysts predict the growth of the local segment of online video by 22% over the next 5 years, due to the large number of young people who are refusing the cable and ordering digital subscriptions, the active development of new streaming platforms and mobile telecommunications.

    In this regard, the opening of a new point of presence of our global infrastructure in one of the most important economic centers of the region looks like a logical step and opens up good opportunities for any companies which develop their business online and have customers or an audience here,” saysAndre Reitenbach, managing director of G-Core Labs.

    G-Core Labs global content delivery network is located on 5 continents and is ready for any peak loads, its total bandwidth exceeds 7 Tbit/sec. G-Core Labs has more than 50 points of presence, about 4 000 peering partners, agreements with major operators and an ISP license.

    Content delivery network

    CDN (content delivery network) by G-Core Labs has, according to Citrix.com, the best performance in Europe, Russia and the CIS on the following parameters: the best bandwidth (the amount of data that site transmits for a certain time); the best response time (the actual time of requests processing plus the delay in the transmission of information over the network and the delay of messages in the queue); the best time of downloading files.

    As part of the hosting service in Tel-Aviv, dedicated and virtual servers are available for ordering. These servers are located in Tier III certified data center which guarantees 99,982% infrastructure fault tolerance. The company’s servers provide permanent free access to their IPMI (intelligent platform management interface), allowing even in case of emergency to quickly resolve any issue with hosting in a remote format

    Dedicated servers of G-Core Labs are based on new high-performance and reliable equipment from leading manufacturers, including Dell, HP, etc. But in case of necessity to increase the capacity the upgrade can be made for any dedicated server.

    10 free TB of traffic are provided monthly for G-Core Labs dedicated servers, and also additional packages ranging from 20 to 300 TB are available if necessary. Any server can also be tested for free before connecting.

    You can look at the configuration options of dedicated servers by the link.

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